Monday, November 27, 2006

Latest Kiddie Pics ;)

A very dear friend of mine gave the girls (and me ;) ) a very thoughtful Thanksgiving gift. She knows how much my girls LOVE popcorn, and she made them their own personalized bowls and put a pack of popcorn in each bowl atop some pretty green shred....THEY LOVED IT of course :) Thank you again my friend, you are always so thoughtful.

Lily, other than looking like Brian, reminds me of my Aunt Jackie.
Little Man :)
Brianna reminds me of my sister in this pic when she was little :)
Yes, I think Anjolie is all me lol...tantrums and all :)


Michelle said...

Another set of great pictures!!!

Heather said...

THank you michelle!!

Free In Christ said...

Great pictures.

Mishel said...

Love the pictures!