Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remembering... Tim Watkins

...my blog was down over Veteren's Day, so I did not get to post. Last year, our Pastor's son (when we were stationed in CA) was killed in Irag when their vehicle was hit by an roadside bomb. I stumbled onto a blog today that had a tribute posted, and my heart ached all over again as I read once again of Tim Watkins' bravery..he and the rest of the crew. You can read the tribute posted Here.... Please keep Pastor and Mrs Rob Watkins and their 4 children in your prayers.


Happymama said...

((((((((HEATHER)))))))) I am so glad you're back. I've missed your comments and your posts so much. :)

We'll certainly remember this pastor and his family. Bless their hearts.

Now......you must pick up where you left off. The Crunchy Diet!!! LOL We've all been waiting patiently (and some impatiently)for you to explain this. :)


Michelle said...

I am glad you are back online..We are sure praying for this pastor and his family..

Heather said...

Thank you!!

Mishel said...

I am glad you are back too. : )

Thank you for posting this. It's so important that we not forget the sacrifice these men made. We will always remember...and always miss Tim.