Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where in the WORLD?!

Yes...I know, I am so sorry. I feel very guilty for just "dropping off the edge of the blogosphere" :( Life has been a little overwhelming to me and ... Let's just say I am STILL catching up from vacation and the Mother Daughter luncheon...etc etc. My weeks are very busy and any extra time I have during the day pretty much goes to playing with the kids. I sure miss everyone! I will slowly catch up on all the goings on :)

Right after vacation, the kids got sick. Lily was vomiting for 5 days with high fever from some virus that was circulating around here. Then Anjolie got a touch of it..then Brianna lol. Yes, I am glad that is over. It seemed I would never be caught up on laundry! I FINALLY have a handle on things at least :)

So, pictures soon, but what has happened lately hmmm

Brian, was able to baptize Brianna on Mother's day..what a tremendously beautiful blessing. It is on video Maranatha Baptist Church link the May 13th evening service. I also gave a short testimony concerning my appreciation for my mom during testimony time:)

And Brianna turned 6 today :) Again, pics coming soon. Brian bought a trampoline for the kids as one of her "gifts".

(HUGS) to all of you. Typing the blessings out def. helps me keep things in perspective. I have a tendency to focus on what seems like a whirlwind of "kid stuff" all day and then "other people" stuff that pops up here and there..and then "ministry stuff" and "military stuff"...*sigh* my blog helps me laugh at the quirks in my self and life. It also allows me to see just how blessed I am. As long as it is balanced in with my life and not taking me away from my life and responsibilities it is a tremendous blessing. I miss you my friends/family and will be checking out what I have missed! :)


Grafted Branch said...

So glad you're back! Glad you're all well now too. I agree with you in that writing it down helps keep it all in perspective!

Robin said...

Welcome back! YOu have been missed. Can't wait to see pictures. Glad every one is well again.

Happymama said...

It's good to see you back, my friend. Looking forward to all those pictures!!! I'm sorry your kids were so sick. Hope they're doing better now.


Heather said...

Hi GB!! I sure have missed everyone's encouraging posts!
Thank you Ms Robin :)
Kristi..everyone seems well for the time being lol