Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Morning

Sundays are so hectic for us! I am sure that if I planned better, they would go smoother, but lay in bed and read the night before seems soooo much more inviting than preparing 4 little outfits and 2 big ones. :) I try to get up early, but THIS morning snuggling with little Lily and little Ayden was just irresistable. Next week I will do better- especially when I look back on today which, I am sure will be very hectic as usual. At least the kids and my husband have something to wear! Speaking of things to wear...I also have ended up with 3 pounds to lose!! It keeps sneaking up on me...gone one day and here the next...hmmm maybe I am just weighing myself more. Yeah, that's it. It can't POSSIBLY be the big 33y/o mark sneaking up next month ;) Guess I gotta start excercising more than the little 8 min Tae Bo I did twice last week LOL!! Oh dear, that is pretty pathetic. OK... I can see this is just rambling and off-roading, so I'm off to dress the crew! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Robin said...

So good to have you back!! I love the pictures you posted. Your girls are getting so big.

Happymama said...

LOL, I have crazy Sunday mornings. I know they would go a lot easier if I would just put a little time and effort in on Saturday night. But, oh well...maybe next week...or the next.


Heather said...

Ms Robin(hug)!! :) Thanks!
Kristi...I know, I really do have great just never HAPPENS!