Friday, September 30, 2005


My oldest daughter, Brianna, was born a little over four years ago, and up until that time, I had no idea what the word "relaxation" really meant. Relaxation to me was being on the go 97% of the time. Any time that I had the oppurtunity to go somewhere, I would take it. If it meant staying up all night, then so be it. I did not want to miss a thing.
Today, Anjolie, who is 2, and Lily, who is 9 months, and I sat on our swing out back and just listened to the birds and the bugs. We closed our eyes and felt the breeze tickle our cheeks. A storm was off in the distance, and rain could be smelled in the air. We admired the colors that God had picked to use for the grass and the sky. Anjolie informed me that God had asked HER what she wanted the color of the grass to be. She said her choices were green or purple, and she picked green. As I laughed I was filled, at the same time, with wonder over her little mind. This was relaxation, not just doing something fun and exciting, not just doing nothing, but taking a quiet moment to enjoy God's design.