Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Higher Places

I have been at the foothill of another clime of the great mountain. My walk has slipped as I cower at the base not sure how to tackle even the first foot of it. The battle of surrendering my every thought to God is one in which I have failed. I tell myself over and over that I am overwhelmed...without even being 100% conscious of those thoughts -I allow them to settle in my heart and defeat me before even stepping out of bed. Instead of reaching up in faith, I crumble up into a pathetic ball and whine and complain about how this life is too much to handle. I have allowed satan to pervert my view of what this trial really is. It is about relying on the Lord in every way...YES it IS too big for me, not for my omnipotent Father. If I would just "stand up" and "reach up" He will instruct me in every way as to how to get up this part of the mountain. God is so much bigger than anything I will ever face in life...why do I look to myself for the encouragement and strength? I am weak and inconsistant and easily distracted-not only that, my feelings and emotions throw everything out of its proper perspective.

Are you cowering at the foot of a towering trial? I think we all do it at one point or another. I allow how I "feel" to direct how I react more than a desire to be obedient regardless of circumstances. I tried to "smother" my overwhelmed feelings by distracting myself with other things -which only leads to guilt and discouragement. Today, I am standing up, shaking the dirt of defeat from the past week off my feet and reaching up toward the higher places that my Father is directing me.


Pam said...

((HUGS))Heather! I will be praying for you; as always. Yes, we all react to our trials in that way sometimes. Feelings are such a powerful and deceptive thing. Keep your eyes on the Lord, and let him direct your paths! Love you!!!

Mishel said...

Yes, I can very much relate to giving into my feelings during difficult times. : ( Thank you for the remimder to "stand up and reach up".

Love you friend--and I am praying for you.

Heather said...

Thank you my friends :) I appreciate the encouragement-Heather