Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wonderful Promise

Jer 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find [me], when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

I have been pleading with the Lord over an issue that was grieving my heart. The door was shut to me for a very long time. I was certain that the Lord wanted this issue resolved so I was trying to "wrench" the door open in my own strength...and failing. The constant "trying" left me tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. One day I just simply gave the closed door to God. I had to move out of the way and allow the Lord to open the door. Wow, when the door opened, my heart was ready to walk through....and I did.
The Lord can truly unstop the ears of the unhearing and can melt the heart of the hardened. I didn't realize that the Lord was working on the heart on the other-side...and mine ((!!)). Only when He had properly prepared the hearts, on both sides, did He open the door....and our hearts, to HIM and His will. God is so good.
Is there an issue you are certain the Lord has led you to be persistant about? Don't give up, dear one, kneel by that tear stained door that you have broken yourself on and dedicate it to God. The Lord burdens our hearts for a reason. The confusion and error comes in when we think that burden means we are to do everything in our strength and personal wisdom to solve the problem we have been burdened about. Many times, we are to be silent, pray, and LISTEN! Boy, do I forget about that last very necessary part. The Lord then works patience and perseverance in our hearts over these matters. He teaches me to be still and listen to the desires He has for *my* heart and life.
When it comes to relationships, we are powerless to open the doors in the hearts of those we love. Most times, all our physical effort only results in further barricading by the one on the other side, to prevent our entry. We find ourselves in the way of what God is working out in the other persons heart, and this only delays the opening of the door that remains stubbornly lockd against our aggressive advances. God MUST enter first-on both sides. Only God can open doors and allow ears to be unstopped-hearts to be tender and yielded. Plead with the Lord to prepare your heart and the heart of the one on the other patient....that door will swing wide open, in His time and for HIS glory. Blessings!


Cherlyn said...

So true. And so what I needed to hear. :)

Hope Aiden feels better soon! Bobby is sick as well. :(

Rebekah said...

Thank you, Miss Heather! A lesson we all needed to hear and meditate on.

Heather said...

(((Cherlyn)))) Hope Bobby gets better soon..this stomach bug is the pits. Is your husband back?

Bekah- You are such an encouragement.

HOPE said...

What a wonderful post Heather. Your words speak loud and clear and with such a tender heart for that open door. Obedience does go a long way! It is always a joy to read of victory and growth in a Christian's life. I know many will learn a great lesson here. Thank you for sharing your heart and love for the LORD.

Sileena said...

Heather, I'd be flattered to be a link on your blog!
What an encouraging post.

Happymama said...

It's truly amazing how God can work when we get out of His way, isn't it?