Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The We/They Thing

"There are two classes of people: the righteous and the unrighteous. The classifying is done by the righteous"*-Ambrose Bierce

- okay that satirical tid-bit about our tendencies in Church made me chuckle. They put their children in school and we home school, they have shorter hair and we have longer hair, they bottle feed and we nurse, they are new Christians and we are mature get the idea. Why do we have that tendency to make everything a we/they thing? People are either for us or against us-in our minds-I am most always mistaken when I, in my mind accuse someone of being "against" me. ( I am NOT talking about the approval of sin issues btw). If we are born-again is always WE -and WE should always be looking to Christ, before whom we will one day stand and give account . It is He who sees ALL and is always on our side when we are living for Him :)

*quote taken from On Being A Servant of God by Warren W. Wiersbe pg 49


Happymama said...

Very good post, sista!


Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Amen, amen and AMEN!! So true. Sadly, most of us don't even realize we're doing the we/they thing until we've been doing it for a while and countless people have been hurt by it. Sigh.

So good, Heather. I love reading your heart!

Tori said...

Hey Heather, I waited for your reply e-mail and when it didn't come I Googled your blog. I found you!!! This time I won't loose you! I'm adding you to my Bloglines so I'm here to stay.

This was such a true post. I think we as Christians do this because it makes us seem better and more holy. I would rather be a "they" than a "we" or actually an "us" would be great. Great post!

I'll be back!!

Daughter of the King said...

I would rather be a *we* too...I am finding though, in our circle...that there are many *they* and I am trying to stay apart from such thinking, yet stay grounded in what is truth and what is scriptural and what is not. I am finding that there is not much compassion given to those who are in a different spot in the path..of their walk with the Lord.
Not sure if this is what you meant or not, Heather.

missy said...

I have been in the process of writing a post along these lines for a few days now, so obviously I agree!! Hopefully I'll get all my thoughts straight soon and I'll get it posted!

Heather said...

Kristi- thanks sista!

(((Tori)))-you made my day :) I didn't realize you needed my link...I emailed you back, but I didn't include the link! Duh

Deby-I was just talking about fellow Believers having a divided idea about who is righteous and who is not. We must hold true to our personal convictions and continue walking...all the while never thinking more highly of ourselves than the brand new baby Christian right beside us or the one who wears pants or the one who has a job etc :) Thank you for your comment! I know what you were sayin' :)There shouldn't be a we or a they....just US (in Christ).

Missy- I am looking forward to your post!