Sunday, January 24, 2010

This, That and the Other

Life these past few months has been...GREAT :) And I say that after back spacing over "going", as in, "Life has been...going". Because, when I think about it, it really has been great. It was chock full of trial and hardship these past couple of months, but it was MOSTLY filled with the Lord helping us in the midst of that hardship and trial which resulted in building our faith. There was the tremendous blessing of being able to spend Christmas and New Years' with my family (my Parents, brother, sister and brother in law) in Ohio. We enjoyed family game nights, stories, dinner, absolute SILLINESS which included "planting" an OPEN can of sardines in my parents family room (in my Dad's absence) while playing Trivial Pursuit...and blame it on the fact that perhaps it was the fish oil capsules my mom and I had taken earlier that day. Blasting Air-horns on New Years Eve...which didn't even wake the kids LOL :D So, we really did have a most blessed holiday.

Before we left for my parents, I had begged Brian to take 30 days leave so that I could "recover" from his deployment. I'll tell ya somethin' else too, this whole transition from homeschool to school and still homeschool has been, well, alot harder than I thought it would be! So, anyway, my body took the opportunity during Brian's time off, to completely go haywire on me and so did a few things with our vehicles, but you know, a few or dozen blood tests with few answers, and a few hundred dollars of auto care later...I can say, God is so good and saw us through. He knew, planned and equipped us with the time off and the means to get the vehicles fixed and me some much needed REST. Brian was home to help me get the girls dressed,to and from school, homework, housework Lily and Ayden "schooled" etc. it was still tough, but we did it :) Money is ummm something that we definitely have been tried on since Brian came back from Iraq early (Praise the LORD) and we still had 3/4 of the school year to pay for. Both of our parents have been a help to us in this, which has been such a blessing. We made it to our pay day this past 15th on in Brian had to bring a gas can to the church parking lot while also on empty so that I could get our car to the gas station the next day, which was pay day. It has been a FAITH tester and builder. I have been a coupon maniac these past few months in saving about $30 each $100 or so trip to the commissary which has been something very new for me in learning to be a good steward-so a trial def. equaled a blessing in this instance. This is the best part, GOD is SO good in that we will be getting the largest tax return we have ever gotten back...and will be able to pay off their school bill with it!!! Folks...that is HUGE as it is almost $700 per month that we agreed to pay for 12 months prior to Brian's deployment. God is so good!! So, I would love your prayers since I am still struggling with this exhausting battle with anemia, but I have been referred, finally, to a hematologist, so even that situation is under control. It's tough out there my friends, but we are learning and growing in and through it all, praise the Lord!

As far as Face Book, my blog and such...sorry :/ not sure what else to say that doesn't sound like just an excuse, lol. But this is my reality right now: CLINGING to the Lord and waiting on Him to provide my every need. Love you all!!!


Laura said...

Glad to see you back Heather! Sorry you have had the trials but the refiners fire is a good thing! Glad to see God blessing in so many ways. Took Britt to the airport today, she is back at school. We are getting the house back in order and getting ready for what is next...YAY! That is all I need to say
Love ya

mholgate said...

Heather, It's so good to see a post from you! I have often thought about how you were doing and prayed for you as God has laid you on my heart. Thank you for this wonderful update on your lives. I will continue to pray that God will bring you to the right doctors concerning your anemia. I am borderline anemic and suffer quite often from weariness because of it.

God is our provider in all things and I love your attitude about it! :) May He bless you and your family as you continue to trust Him for your every need.


Anonymous said...

hi, heather! Just wanted to let you know what a blessing your post was! I feel that we can SOOO relate and your attitude that God will take care of us and provide is SO encouraging. I'm trying to keep that attitude! Scott will be released from the Army here shortly, and he wants to go back to school (with 3 kids). :] Eeek. So, we have sold our house, sold the car we owed on, and I decided to go ahead and have a hysterectomy before we have no insurance. I'm terrified about how we will SURVIVE for this 2 years, and that maybe I made the wrong decision in having a hyster., where to go to school, etc, etc... I feel too old for life to be so unsettled, but as I look around, I realize that we're not the only ones. And when I look at others, we are SOOOO blessed. And God has done some things to show me that He will provide! :) Even if I doubt it fairly frequently! :) So, thank you for your encouragement! I will be praying for you and your medical issues! These medical things can be so scary! It has opened my eyes to what others that are not so physically blessed go through EVERY day!!! Love you guys! kiss the kids and give Brian a rub on the head for us! :)

Jeff and Crystal said...

Hi Heather! The Lord likes to try our faith sometimes, doesn't He! :) We've been in the same boat lately with in the states seems much more expensive than living overseas, especially with the pay cut. *sigh* I'm glad to hear that yall will get such a big tax return, I'm hoping we will too to get Josiah's school bill paid off and some money put toward our van.
Hope February goes smoother for yall!

Mishel said...

SO good to 'hear' from you!! You have been missed. And soooo glad you had time to allow your body to rest. Good for you, Heather!! I am proud of you! ; )

And I can *totally* relate to having to learn to truly live by faith regarding finances. It's something I haven't had to do in a very long time and it's quite humbling. But it's good for me. : )

Much love and hugs to you!!