Thursday, June 05, 2008

....Or Not...

Okay, so Brian (my husband) has protested my blog closing. I assured him that I was going to open a new one upon moving...that I want to get that super talented Blog Designer to do me up somethin' super fresh and new... but he is sad that this one will be gone. He does not miss a post or comment on this is so funny that one of the first things he does when he comes home is gets on my blog and reads the post *blush* and then every single comment LOL!!! It is hilarious to hear him cracking up and asking about each of you and wondering who you are, how I "met" you. Too funny.

Also, it seems that from most of your comments that you think I got offended and went stomping I just wanted to address something that had been on my heart from the beginning of blogging and since I didn't know when or really if I'd be able to get another one going, I wanted to encourage you to reach out to the *obscure* blogger, or the one who is struggling, and encourage them when they share their heart-the broken part. Since I have had my bloggy feelins hurt...I know many others had and it really helps to be encouraged after you have shown your heart on something so public as a blog. Don't just be a sunny day friend-stick by when the rain comes too.

So, I guess for now, nothing has changed, Brian can't part with the blog...and I can't say he really twisted my arm either. I have a hard time quitting anything! You don't know how many mental notes I made to blog about...and then I was like "oh, yeah,...that's on hold for now".

Anyway...I hope you will have me back into my old bloggy community until my stuff gets packed out and we are on our way :) Purty Please?


Happymama said...

YAy, Brian! Good decision on his part, I think. And I'm glad he didn't have to twist your arm. I was so dreading the closing of your blog. Now I can go to sleep tonight knowing there will be more...more funny and mischievous things done by your little ones to be told, more heart-to-hearts, more lovey stuff, more YOU! :)


Becky said...

:) Thanks for sticking around!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Well, since you asked so nicely.. I guess we'll have you back :)
Brian, since you're reading this, THANK YOU for letting us keep Heather!!

Heather said...

Awww Kristi, you are so sweet :)

Becky I loved your recent pics!

(((Pam))) it was so good to talk to you today

I live IN Jesus said...

OK-so now I am crying?! With joy!!!!(seriously, tears are streaming down my face-a very abnormal response from this woman!) Thank you Brian(the ever wise leader of your home!!!)! I cannot tell you what a blessing you are to me, Heather! You help me in soooo many ways, not just with scriptural encouragement, but with mothering encouragement! Sometimes it is HARD to be a stay-at-home mama, teacher, cook, cleaner, baker and basically a homemaker! And you(Heather) are a wonderful encouragement! Because if you can do AAAALLLLLLLL that with your husband gone(which I know--that is hard ;)) and FOUR babies 6yrs and under-then girl you have got to be serving the very same Jesus Christ that I know!! and I LOVE that you are so "real" and transparent and an awesome example to so many of us mothers that feel like we might not be doing "it" "right" or that we are all alone! Thank you sooo much that you will be staying--it is an AWESOME ministry my friend. God bless.
Sarah T

Heather said...

Sarah...I am so humbled, praise the Lord-it is He who allows me to even open my eyes and breathe every is NOT me. Thank you for being such a good blog friend and a great encouragement to me.

Laura said...

Brian! Yeah you! You have been blessed with a lovely wife and I for one thank you for sharing her! I will admit, I have been clicking on this blog ever since the "coming to close" post hoping and praying that Heather would stay! MY heart leaped when I saw a new post today! It is hard to find like-minded women in your own community/church sometimes and boy is it nice to have this fellowship!

Heather said...

This is Brian:


Thank you, thank you (as I take my gracious bow). I have done so much and for you to finally recognize me is humbling. Just Joking.

Seriously, I am truly touched that the Lord has been able to work through my loving wife's daily struggles and comings and goings. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayer. And as Heather mentioned, I DO read all of your posts and am equally touched and encouraged by you all. Praise the Lord that we serve a risen Saviour who continues to work His righteousness through His willing vessels. Thank you again.

Phil 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform [it] until the day of Jesus Christ

Jenny P. said...

Oh I am doing the happy dance over here, YEAH.
Thank you Brian for talking to Heather because I dont know what I would do if I lost contact with you and reading your daily life and thoughts. It has helped me in so many ways you dont even know and hard to explain. I read ALL the time but so hard to post and I promise to get better at it. My mother in law just left so hopefully things can get back to normal. Also alex is also getting so much better after his circumcision too so that helps free me up.
Much love you guys and I only wish you would be closer to me. Give everyone hugs and kisses for me and I will talk to you later.

Robin said...

I am super impressed. Thank you Brian for supporting your wife and encouraging her to stay in blogging world.

Just for the record I did not 'hear' you stomping off. I heard life is getting busy and maybe it's time I move on.

I am so happy you are staying. I like seeing your heart and seeing pictures of those precious children.

Tiffany said...

Praise God for husbands with discernment!!! I have to tell you the day I read you were leaving I was sad. I knew that the Lord would work it out and that you would be back on. That night when my husband and I prayed I prayed for your blog he gave a little chuckle. I just called him to tell him the great news and he said "see if you wouldnt have prayed she might have been closing up shop." Then he laughed and said just kidding and that he was happy for me. Im so happy your staying! THANK YOU BRIAN!!!


You have a very wise husband. I am so glad that you are continueing on. You have been a blessing to so many and especially to me. I would hate to have to say, "Goodbye." love you, connie from texas

Rebekah said...

I'm so glad you're not leaving the bloggie world...but I am curious as to where you are headed. I know you can't/won't say where, but is it the same place you were when I met you?

P.S. This is the first time in awhile that I've been able to get on Blogger, or I would have *strongly* objected to your leaving. :)

Heather said...

(((Laura))) again, just humbled you would even waste precious time reading over here, but I am so happy we can stay in touch this way and get to know each other...

BRIAN!!!!! I'm *SHOCKED* that you could/would even (hijack my blog)log in????? Did you do that this morning or what? I was so surprised when I got on here and saw your comment (((hug)). I love you and thank you for encouraging me to continue blogging :) I am cracking up.

((Jenny)) We miss you girl...thankyou for dropping a comment :) Where's your blog? I wanna see those handsome fellas!

Mrs Robin-I love you and it is so good to *see* you around :)

Tiffany-what a BLESSING to know I was prayed for...what a tender heart. I sense a kinship, I really do. I hope we get to meet in real life. We are moving to the East Coast, but we have family in Arizona! ((hug))

Mrs Connie-you are such a blessing, even if I never blogged again, I would HAVE to continue to read your are SUCH an encouragement.

Rebekah-thank you so much sweet girl. I sure miss you all, but unfortunately we are headed to the East Coast this time, but don't worry, I am sure we will end up back in 29 at some point or other...isn't that right Brian? ;P Love you girl

Anonymous said...

When I found out you were keeping your blog a HUGE smile came across my face!!! High five to Brian for encourging you to keep your blog! I guess you should keep him around for awhile, he sounds like a good man! ;)God Bless you both!

P.S. I think you should keep the "Just Laugh" title! You should have a poll for us devoted readers!:)

Free In Christ said...

So very glad you are not leaving. I would sure have been sad. I have enjoyed so much, been encouraged so many times and just plain enjoy reading your stuff.

I would really miss the fun kid stories.

Thanks for sticking around.

Michelle said...

I am so glad you are keeping your blog..

Heather said...

Cheryl :) You are so look fabulous by the way! Your sweet little new addition is just precious. A poll is a great idea!!

Melissa! I am so glad it's sticking around too...especially since it was at my husband's urging :)

Hi Michelle...I will be praying about J.J.'s surgery (((hug)))

Daughter of the King said...

~~~ Hallelujuiah~~~~
This post just made my day,
oh the wisdom of our husbands
I will do being the Baptist Happy Dance today over this news (whatever the happy dance is)...probably not a pretty site and better done in the privacy of one's own home...
ahhh...Heather...just so glad you are staying with US too Brian.

Mishel said...

LOL...I just had to laugh at Deby's comment, because I was going to say something similar about doing "The Baptist Happy Dance". LOL

Seriously...I always knew Brian was great guy and I'm thrilled you will be continuing your blog.

Love you muchly! : )

Heather said...

Deby :) I felt like doing my own B.H.D. when he encouraged me to keep it up...and of course my heart feels all warm and fuzzy since getting such a lovely "Welcome Back" greeting from "my girls" :)

Mrs Mishel (((hug))) yeah, Brian's a good guy ;) Love you too! When you and Deby mention the B.H.D. I evisioned Brian's little "Fred Flinstone" (what he calls it) happy dance he does...hahahaaa

liz said...

Yay! You made the pregnant girl cry. I don't know why other than I'm just so happy!

Sileena said...

Heather, what in the world can I say that hasn't already been said?!
I mean I leave for a little bit and you go and bring me good news like this. You truly have made my day.
Thank you Brian for encouraging your sweetheart to continue this lifeline for all of us and thank you Heather for deciding to listen to your husband even if he didn't have to twist your arm.
I just love having this lifeline to you across the miles and soon in the states. Yay yay yay! Doin my own little dance over here.
Can't wait to hear when you're in the states again!