Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Does This Happen?? :)

by God's Grace...
... Friday, babysat 2 babies from 7am-4pm and homeschooled 4 children

...Saturday, Cantata practice 9am followed by teen activity which involved decorating the outside of a house for Christmas..and getting home by dinner

...Sunday worship, Cantata followed by teen Christmas party

...Monday's usual school schedule til 3:30 and a birthday party at 4 that goes til bedtime

....Tuesday, today...woke up at 6:30am to make cookie dough, icing and two loaves of amish bread to take to a friend's house to share in the joy of cut-out cookies with our children, we had yummy potato soup and my bread for lunch...while intermittently fitting in a meeting about our upcoming CoOp's spring season. Then I finally mailed off my homeschool paper-work to Abeka Acadamy, returned overdue books to the Library and picked up some new ones. Thoroughly enjoyed a quick chat on the phone with my best friend and I am now staring at the stove where dinner should be cooking and wondering when, if ever, we will pull out our Christmas decorations and get a tree...*sigh* which is not gonna happen tonight because I have to go grocery shopping, yes tonight, since it's pay-day

...Wednesday...homeschool and a visit to some shut-ins with another family, soooo -no Good News Club due to the Public School having a half-day, then I'm off to church for my Pee Wee's Christmas Party

...Thursday, Homeschool CoOp and Christmas party

...Friday, babysit 2 babies and homeschool

...Saturday....KEEPING IT CLEAR!!! Hoping my husband doesn't have to work! :)

What does your schedule look like? Is this about normal for this time of year?


Pam--in America said...

Well, I hope Saturday is nice and relaxing with your hubby!!

I tend to keep my "schedule" pretty clear, but it's amazing how many last minute things creep in to keep me running around. You're right though, for this time of year, that's probably about normal.

(I'm sorry I kept you from making dinner.... but it was worth it! ;o)

Heather said...

LOL...oh, you didn't, we grabbed something quick because we had to go grocery shopping...couldn't fit it anywhere else! It was so good to talk :)

Steve n Vickie said...

Christmas time seems to be getting buzier and buzier every year. I just love the bustle of Christmas. Even if it is a little tiring.

Heather said...

Yeees, in the end it is worth it!