Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sickies

I think that's what we are going to change our names to because for the last couple of seems we have been hit with one bug after the other! The Dr's office wants to cram my kids full of antibiotics...which, I agree, sometimes they need it...but it's like, not even worth the appt anymore, why not just make them OTC. At the rate they are giving them out-it sure would free up the Dr's office...for those of us, well, maybe it's just me, who are convinced our children are, you know "dying".

Anyway, (I LOVE that transition word...shows my lack of want to think), poor Brian just ran out to Wallyworld to get some ear drops for Brianna who is up there in her room crying about her ear. I though I'd take this moment and let you know that if you put dry rice in a sock and heat it up (carefully as it continues to heat up after removed from the nuke) in the microwave, it makes a wonderful soothing compress for a sore ear. We still got the homeopathic ear I really don't want to run out at 2 am and get them...and now I totally lost my train of thought. No surprise there...I hear Brian attempting to get the drops in...I'd better help. Pray for my little sickies please!


Kristi said...

I'll pray earnestly for your sickies right now!


Steve n Vickie said...

Could be you all are building up your immune system to the local germs in your area. Once you live there a while, you may become imune to some of them. We've been going through that too. I think we've caught everything anyone we know has had over the last eight months. I hope everyone gets well soon. Its no fun having sick ones in the house.