Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Totally RANDOM

I love to make homemade pizza but have always been disappointed with the canned pizza sauce...I discovered that adding a couple of Tbs of pesto makes a WORLD of difference. Alllllrighty then :) on with the day!


HOPE said...

Cute blog Heather. Did I tell you that one of my daughters is going to Okinawa! Her husband is aleady there...too bad they missed you!

I too, am waiting patiently to hear from our dear friend Pam.

God bless..

Danielle said...

Wow,miss h that made me laugh.It's fun to be random at times

Heather said...

Hope, how is your son?...I am sorry that I missed your daughter...she will love it-after she gets settled. Are they going to try Maranatha?

Danielle :) Ahhh the joys of a "blonde brain" get little random crazy ideas amidst the otherwise totally rational, concise, and serious stream of consciousness ;) hahahaa rigggght

A Note From Theresa said...

I am so happy your posting again! I read the lonely lie post, It was really good. I think we all know what it is to feel lonely at times. But it is just the wicked on trying to get us down. So keep your chin up, eyes on God, and may your knees have calluses. Because that is where the wicked one can't get to you.

And again, I'm really happy your posting again. Missed you.

~~Deby said...

oh I love PESTO...we lived in Italy 7 years and had the REAL stuff...I am on my way over, what time is the pizza done...yummmmm-o