Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Busy

...that should be the name of my blog these days :) A few pics. Sorry there aren't browser *knows* I'm in Japan and so my entire Blogger dashboard buttons and all are in Japanese. The transformation has happened slowly and now seems to be complete...wonderful. So, it takes me a little longer to post since, you know, my computer thinks I can read Kanji-gotta love that. (is that *Kanji* right Alice?-Alice is a Japanese speaking missionary here, and my friend :) she reads my blog..Hi Alice!)

I'm so cute!!

The outfit is adorable Mom and Dad :) He got lots of compliments at church on it...wittle handsome boy. What is it about my baby boy that puts me in the baby talk mode- how lucky that you get to read it lol as if hearing it isn't enough;) hey, I can't help it he is so cute, momma wuvs him..oh I do and I squishy him..oook enough...I NEVER did that with the girls lol..he's so spoiled. Just ignore me in the pic...Brianna took this right before church..I just don't have the time to crop the pic at the moment.
What else...well, I have still been busy planning our Mother Daughter luncheon. Our theme is Country Garden Party. I'm excited and nervous of course, but I truly want it to be a wonderful time of fellowship and Christ centered instead of centered. I am so thankful my friend Pam suggested using paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling. A lady from church is going to help by allowing us to use the Officer's Club plates and glasses FOR FREE-she works there (we just could not see spending the money to have it catered at $15 per plate)!! Praise the Lord that was such an answer to prayer. I got some neat food presentation ideas from a Bridal book. I wanted to do a hat parade, but ummm the only straw hats that I find in abundance are, you know, those Japanese ones...yes- they wear them. Hmmm THAT would be interesting huh?

Brian is in the states again for a week...*lucky* ;) (Have you ever seen Napolean Dynamite?..I must embarrassingly admit I have...MANY times) So I am here with the kids, of course, just plugging is my friend today. Speaking of coffee *ahem* I am terrible at making coffee in my automatic coffee machine. How can one mess THAT up? I don't know, but I can't seem to get the amount right. It doesn't help that Brian got a dark extra-bold French Roast Starbucks blend.... Oh yeah. Yesterday, I was so jittery from one cup of that fuel that I was downing water to calm literally made me sick to my stomach it was so strong! There had to be like two heaping Tbs of creamer in my cup too...AND after a couple of sips I added water! LOL ...I think it is a little better right now...or I am just getting used to it? Looking back over this post makes me think ...I's done with da coffee for today...oh dear. Let me post some pics for the Grandparents (love you!!!) and drink about a gallon of water before the kids get up.:) God Bless!


Robin said...

You are too funny! Why would you crop yourself out of a picture? I like seeing pictures of you and your kids. I got to go back through your post and see all your videos. What fun. Michael watched them with me.
Will you and Brian take care of my man while he's there?! Looks like the kids and I won't be out until the following summer. Course if you read my blog, and I know you do, you know not to hold your breath about anything concerning Okinawa that I may say. :)
Enjoy the smaller servings. ;)

liz said...

Heather, you crack me up!! Put the coffee down and step away slowly!!!;~D

I love the pictures! The garden party sounds so fun! Wish I could be there.

Free In Christ said...

You definately sound a little wired. You were cracking me up in this post. Slow down on the coffee, LOL!!!

The picture of you and Ayden is great, you weren't standing on a slant?

By the way, don't you love it when the little guys bibs come unbuttoned at the bottom? I remember those days well. Sometimes, I actually miss them.

Glad to hear from you.

Happymama said...

This is a tee hee post. And YES, we've seen Napoleon Dynamite. Bruce and I have watched it over and over again. People either love it or they hate it. There's no in between. LOL

Ayden is THE cutest little guy. LOL I love that smile in the last picture.

PS~~~Dude.....You gonna eat your tots?

Heather said...

Miss Robin...of COURSE we will take care of him :) I hope you all get to come on out...even if it is the next summer. The coffee..I had one cup, but it was like espresso strength I tell ya! Umm I just don't usually enjoy seeing myself in pics and when I crop, I get a close up of the cute kids instead :)

LOL Liz...I stepped away in jerky hyped up on caffeine movements..not cute. Wish you could be here too!

Melissa ;) I feel better now that it is after 1pm and have had much water. Oh, and the bibs unbuttoned..yeah, that is from little boys crawling away mid being put back together lol..and mommy too tired to wrestle him back down to button them.:)

Kristi-My favorite part is when his brother backs over the tupperware with the truck...LOL!! "Yessss" Oh dear..I'm actually laughing about that stupid movie! What is even funnier is that my PARENTS rented it and got us watching it...THAT is funny.

Free In Christ said...

Heather, have you watched Nacho Libre? Just curious, it is along the same lines as Napoleon. We have watched it twice, I say that embarassingly, and laughed alot. Sometimes with that silly movie, we'll all just remember some of the parts and laugh. have a great day.

Heather said...

M- I have not watched that I don't think I EVER would have watched Napoleon Dynamite either. The first time through was like torture...then we watched it again and again...there is somethig wrong with that ;)

Ashleigh said...

Girl, you know how to make a sickie lil' mama laugh!! :grin: Boyoboy, is there a lot to catch up on around here... I'm slowly making my way back through the entries. I've sure missed you...

And, have we seen Napoleon Dynamite?! You betcha. Only because you, uh, recommended it when you still lived here. :WINK: And now a certain member of my immediate family OWNS it and about dies laughing every. single. time. (I won't tell who, uh, SHE would be, though...) We watched Nacho Libre, too, but there was just too much of a logical story line to it. It wasn't brain-numbing enough, lol! ;) ;) ;)

Love you bunches!

Heather said...

Oh Ashleigh...THAT is TOO funny...Oh dear, I'm spreading that nonsense to boot! "SHE"?!! Pwaahaa..I totally *cracked* up at that...
I am so glad you are all moved in and settled! Love you little sickie mama :) Love you lots!-Heather

Grafted Branch said...

Yes...wired...I agree with someone who said it already (Free in Christ, I think). I would do anything to be that awake (except drink coffee -- never got a taste for the stuff).

You are making me LOL with this post.

Heather said...

GB- as a kid I said I would never drink coffee because it smelled so bad. I stuck to that until I found a Starbucks as an adult. Now...well, I have kids ;)

Mishel said...

LOL...Whew! This was one FUNNY post!! Umm yeah, I agree with everyone else BE CAREFUL with the coffee! LOL

And as far as ND goes, gee...I am wondering... WHO in the world Ashleigh could be talking about?! LOL : )

Vote for Pedro!!

Heather said...

LOL..I was sooo laughing when she wrote that. ;) still giggling. Gonna go hunt some wolverines with my bow-staff now. "She's pretty hot" :P