Friday, March 30, 2007

King Saul

...was "head and shoulders" above the rest, but he was from the least family of the smallest tribe of Benjamine. When I read of the account in 1st Samuel 10 in which Samuel proves to Saul that he is is truly a prophet and proves Saul is indeed chosen of God to be King, I was sad because I know how Saul's journey ends and I saw an important lesson for myself. When Faith is tried, our Belief in the Lord's all-sufficiency to equip us for a victorious life is demonstrated by our ACTIONs. Do our actions affirm or deny the new heart that salvation brings...

1Sam 10:9 "And it was [so], that when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, God gave him another heart: and all those signs came to pass that day."

I would like to study this more- "another heart". When we accept Christ, He gives us a new heart but the sin nature remains (until we have our new bodies). The Lord then equips us. He prepares us and strengthens us when we walk in obedience. It is so sad to think that Saul's life could have been so different. He was ordained and equipped for service to GOD's CHOSEN ones. Did he lose perspective, did he reject that different heart he was given? He did...and maybe he never truly believed in God's power to make him a Godly King. Worldly lusts, pride, disobedience...a rocky road to a tragic end.

In my own heart, I find disbelief at times, and it is shown by my actions-choosing my way instead of Gods'. God is all-sufficient and WANTS me to be a Godly mother whose children will rise up and call "blessed". When I lose focus on God, I start examine some other roads that look better travelled...complacency, compromise, weariness, selfishness, neglect, self pity... entrances to paths away from God's way. It scares me to think of the roads that lead away from God. Their entrance looks so innocent and at least worth a closer look ..then I find myself suddenly stumbling blindly on a path I never intended to travel. Oh Lord, keep me on the path which you have equipped me to walk, the right path (though narrow) on which you daily give provision and gird me with Your strength to walk confidently. Yes, there are fiery darts of temptation as I make my way, but You have given me my shield of faith! Give me Grace as my shield is tried and strengthened thereby, and please show your forgiveness mercy when I fail because I attempted to use "armor" (self-righteousness-legalistic minded) not suited for me. You know it is pride.

Saul's armor would have been to big and heavy for me to wear as I am small. If I were tried while wearing it..I would buckle under its, I would not even be able to stand- I would be ridiculous! I am not big and mighty, I am frail and weak in myself. Lord, give me Your unmeasured abundance of strength and grace, dear Lord, with a "stone" and a "sling" or any other thing which is so small it points to YOU as the Victor. Your Armor is just my size! It is made just for hide me and bring Glory to Yourself! In Your Divine wisdom, you use that which is small and obscure as a vessel or means to overcome the Giants..the Goliaths...that You will increase and I will decrease. When You are increased my faith is increased. Thank you for Your ways...they are beyond my understanding, but I stand witness to them daily. My mind cannot even grasp what my soul "sees" YOU do and my faith and love is ever increased. When my flesh wants head to toe man-made armor and uneventful paths - give me faith to shed the weighty armor in favor of armor that points to You and then, may I wear it alone with the Sword of Truth to defend when trials come. Lord help me walk in You and move the idea of Faith that I know You have shown me- from my mind to my Heart. I am afraid in myself, because I so often choose my own way but great Faith is a result of great trying and testing... so I may continually learn to choose your ways.

Matthew Henry comments (concerning King Saul and his prophesying):

"The most remarkable sign of all would be his joining with a company of prophets that he should meet with, under the influence of a spirit of prophecy, which should at that time come upon him. What God works in us by his Spirit serves much more for the confirming of faith than any thing wrought for us by his providence."

May we be Giants of Faith through our Lord Jesus Christ! God is so good. (Sorry if the run-ons, misplaced modifiers and fragments are distracting! I am in need of grammar refreshing and ...well time to edit ;) Ok, enough


Mishel said...

"Do our actions affirm or deny the new heart that salvation brings..."

Such a good question to ask ourselves, as Christians...and one I need to ask myself often when I face hardships or trials. It's so easy to buckle under the weight of our trials or suffering. But as you remind us...God *is* faithful and His ways *are* perfect. He supplies the grace and strength we need at the *very* moment we need it. Always.

Wonderful you!! : )

Heather said...

love you! Heather

Happymama said...

I never took notice of the run-ons, misplaced modifiers and fragments. This was an excellent post, Heather. May the Lord be glorified through it!