Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blessed Beyond Measure

God is so good. I can't praise Him enough for the blessings of the special people He brings into my life.

My friend Pam and her daughter Melanie sent me a little surprise-A story of God's Gift of Purity. It is just beautiful, and my husband read it to the girls the very night we got it. What a blessing. Pam is very thoughtful and generous and is currently living in Israel. Pam has left to me the Ladies' Visitation Ministry which she headed up while here- which I had so grown to love and her seat in choir is sorely missed as is her seat in AWANAs, baking team, costume maker, cullotte maker, bus-seat cover maker ;). *tear*I sure miss her.

My friend Lauren spent her Thursday afternoon teaching me, Brianna, and a friend and her daughter how to crochet...this was after blessing my 3 girls with beautiful prayer shawls that she had beautifully crocheted (which I need to take a picture of). She originally crocheted one for Anjolie, and as she crocheted she prayed for Anjolie, for her little broken arm. That is why it is called a prayer shawl. She then made one for Brianna and Lily who were just thrilled and tote them around and sleep with them ;) What a blessing...her husband is getting ready to deploy for 7 months and her trust in the Lord in spite of this is amazing.

And recently, a kind word...though undeserved, just blessed my heart-really. Becky from church, her husband and their precious little baby son Blayne were staying after church for a bit and my girls got to spend some time with her son-which they were thrilled to do. Becky and her husband are faithful and quiet may seem at times to them that no one notices when they stay late to set the fellowship hall up for school, or their tireless service for the GI ministry, working in the nursery, orchestra, baking team, their work in Awanas and various other ministries in which they beautifully and faithfully serve- but we do notice- and we praise the Lord for His beautiful Saints. When she offers a kind word my fills my cup to overfowing-it is a hug from the Lord.

We *all* wear many hats...most of our ministries and duties we don't have the room or time to share about in a blog setting- but they do touch everyone around us in one way or another. We serve our LORD and even though we may think that noone notices or something is done in vain...if we do it as unto the Lord- even the smallest thing is made great-because HE is in it. I could go on and on about many of you readers and how you have touched my life in so many ways, blog buddies, family, friends...((thank you)) for allowing me to see His light in your life. Even an email sharing a struggle or a bit of encouragement or a prayer request... you just bless my heart my friends. We will have many conversations about God's Grace when we all get to heaven...I can't wait. You are such an encouragement. God is so good.

I find that there are blessings around every corner in the way of friends. I see such beauty in my friends who love the Lord, I am blessed to have some of it shine my way.


Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I knew it! I knew you must have been talking about The Princess Kiss! Fifi saw that at our homeschool bookstore sometime last year and we bought it too. What a treasure.

Pam said...

Praise the Lord for good Christian friends!! I'm so glad you and the girls like the book, Heather. We all miss you too!!!!

Mishel said...

We have that book too! It *is* precious!

Becky said...

Thanks for the comments and I know we are quiet. Thank you for all your kind words and blessings. We will never ever forget you and your family.

(((hugs))) Becky

Happymama said...

I feel the same way, Heather. It's good to have sweet fellowship with God's people, even though you've never met them face to face, but to have that common bond where you have liberty to even request prayer and reach out to God's people is a blessing also. Thank you for being that kind of friend. It's wonderful having you for a Sister.


liz said...

Praise the Lord for wonderful friends. ((Hugs))


Heather, thank you so much for sharing the blessings that your friends are to you and your family. It made me so happy. God has greatly blessed you. Have a wonderful week. connie fromTexas