Tuesday, August 07, 2007

He Leadeth Me

That would be me, the "dumb blonde" type sheep losing focus and dawdling...

"Experience has taught me that the Shepherd is far more willing to show His sheep the path than the sheep are to follow. He is endlessly merciful, patient, tender, and loving. If we, His stupid and wayward sheep, really want to be led, we will without fail be led. Of that I am sure."-Elisabeth Elliot

...then, I panic....when I realize, I have looked away for a moment (or days) at something else...and I have to cry out to Him. The moment I "hear" His voice, my worry melts away. To leave His side for even a moment is something I never *plan* to do but I must purpose to remain there, moving along with Him, at all times or I will get distracted and lose my way. I can be wayward in the simplest of things, like time management for starters ;) - I panic when things start to get out of order and overwhelming due to - yep, lack of time management and idleness. He is so patient to forgive and lead me back. I love being His little lamb, I feel so safe in His arms.
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Jenny said...

Hi Heather,
Can you give me your mailing address again please?

A Note From Theresa said...

this was a good post. Thanks for this.

Happymama said...

I read this post the other night and it was a blessing. My testimony, which I may or may not have shared with you already, is along these lines. There is nothing like being in the Shepherd's flock.