Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Laughing

No sooner had I hit "publish" for my post yesterday when, in all my cheerfulness, a tornado of sorts swept me up. Nothing horrible...just LOTS of the messy,-consequence of not using my time wisely and results of having 4 small children stuff. I went back to Lily's room to get her dressed because my husband and I had an appt at the hospital for Ayden's birth abroad registration stuff. Did I mention the child does not even HAVE his official birth cert yet? Oh yes, my husband's schedule is just THAT crazy....anyway. As I entered her room, I was greeted by the overwhelming smell of onion ring dip. Oh, could it *really be* that what I am seeing has truly happened immediately after writing such a post about how grateful I really truly felt about all the very real blessings in my life? I had even asked for prayer about trials that I knew would come...ok, I knew I had better just roll up my sleeves and buckle down. I prayed aloud for the Lord to help me...and chuckled a bit too. This was trial # 1. Lily had managed to maneuver her toddler bed mattress off her frame and over to her nature sounds fountain so that she could thereby drink the NASTY water from the fountain. Oh...#2 was close by...good, consistent, keep the mess in the same room...She had found the aforementioned onion ring dipping sauce (probably in the trash) unopened and left it in her room for Ayden to step/or stamp on and *blast* it onto the dresser drawers..up his leg and smeared onto his diaper. Oh the mess cleaned up while Lily, who is quite adept at opening doors now, takes advantage of my preoccupation by getting into my bathroom...this is FOR REAL folks...and gets into the white polish of my french manicure kit. #3 Lily has painted her lips and arms with WHITE nail polish. I literally wanted to laugh-but suddenly felt ill as I only had 30 minutes before Brian would arrive to pick us up for the appt. I was able to, by the Grace of God, scrub the white off her lips, but there would be no time for her arms OH WELL- and sorry, at this point, taking a pic was far from on my mind.
Brian came home and off we went. I had not had time for my breakfast after feeding the kids, so I grabbed an unrefrigerated Slimfast ( was just gross) to make it through the morning. Suddenly, taking the time this morning to write that post just didn't seem like such a good idea...go figure.

The remainder of the morning and early afternoon went fairly ok...lunch was fun as the girls are determined to learn to use chopsticks. No wonder they are hungry an hour later. #4 Only about 1/4 of the food makes it to their mouth-the rest is on the table, the chair, the floor and on them. Nap time, YES! The afternoon was more of the same, but I got to chat with my dear friend Pam and was only interrupted by trial #5,6,7,8 and9 -2 times to take Lily potty, once to clean up an ice tray that Brianna got out and Lily dumped on me as OF COURSE the cubes were not set yet, about 5 times to take care of Ayden who will be a future gold medalist in climbing...anything, once to clean Anjolie's finger which she cut on a leaf?!, and a few times for water because of course I NEVER give them anything to drink so they were DYING of thirst during my chat (which, she informed me was longer than I had originally thought).

Ok, so, when Brian gets home and offers to take us for a fast food dinner before Wed night Bible study, I was thrilled! He told me there was a new Wendys out in town...WENDY'S, Oh boy!!! I have not had Wendy's in YEARS! Remember we are in Okinawa...Wendy's is a BIG deal :) Off we drive out in town to go to Wendy' mouth is watering as I read my Stepping Heavenward Book in the car (gotta fit it in where I can!). We see that Wendy's is located in a plaza type setting, and there is no free parking in the vicinity, so we drive around the block looking for parking. Parking in Okinawa is almost always an adventure...and a gamble at times. The only parking was pay parking, well, who wants to pay almost half of what it would cost to eat a meal in order to *park*. Hello, we are talking fast food..not expensive steak dinners like some people I know are treated to *ahem* GB and Pam ;)
Anyway, we would have to settle on the Japanese McD's since we already exchanged dollars for yen. I then soothed my taste buds with the thought of a 100yen spicy chicken sandwich...yes that would do. We pull up to the drive through only to see there was no spicy chicken sandwich...only some new McPork. McPork? I mean...that is just funny. Maybe my brain had about overloaded at this point, but I had to try the McPork just so I could say the name...McPork. Maybe I was just tired, but that just struck as so ridiculous. (this is a real pic btw of one courtesy of Japan News Review Society).What were they thinking with this thing? It was a *puck* of in hockey puck lookin' thing, with an asian flavored sauce.... That thing has been officially renamed in this household as the McPuke (Brian called it something else that was really just not quite as PC as *my* created name- for shame, I was quite shocked that he was that repulsed! ;) ) 'cause that is about what it tasted like and what I felt like doing after I ate it. Yes, I ate it. If I had realized that I had left half a can of the morning's slimfast on the floor in the center console area...I would rather have drank that.
Speaking of the half full can of slimfast (chocolate flavor, in case you asked) on the floor....I discovered that I had failed to throw it out when Brian made a turn and dumped it all over his foot. He stopped at the shoppette to get the kids a treat and I about fell over I was laughing so hard...Brian...very red but not saying a word, glanced up and at least smirked, "glad YOU find this funny". Poor Brian and his repugnance concerning any *messy* situation And funny it was...oh dear, what a day. I laughed until my stomach ached and Brian finally laughed too. We made it to church in good spirits...heard a good message and came home. Our day ended in peace...Brian put the babies to bed, and I read some of the Elsie Dinsmore book to Brianna and Anjolie- they were sent off to bed as well, stretching and yawning. I chatted, this time uninterrupted, with my dear friend Pam again- (BTW, Pam, I hope I didn't offend you with the McPuke didn't write LOL ;) ) and I finished this post, which I was going to do in the morning, but I def. don't want a repeat of yesterday. So, I will schedule my day responsibly tomorrow. And, Brian, who is laying on the couch, said the *clacking* of the keys on the keyboard soothed him so he insisted I finish my post if I wanted to. He is now snoring away peacefully...*sigh* and another day comes to a close :)


Pam said...

Heather, it was even funnier hearing it for the second time! No, I wasn't offended by the McPuke -- LOL -- how's that? ;) Let me get this straight though -- do you mean that chatting with me for 2 hours ISN'T a responsible way to use your time? :) I think we'll both have to work on that one!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Eeeewww! McPork! A "puck" of pork. And it just gets better and better. lol.

And just for the sake of humility, let me assure all your readers from around the globe that my steak dinner was a rare occasion. Very rare, indeed. Pun completely intended.

Since you linked me first (thanks by the attract an interesting international crowd), shall I give the exact link? To save anyone the time of searching my pages...

liz said...

Wendy's-Where??? That's great!

This post cracks me up. I wish I had time to write a better comment. I'll be back.


Wow! that made me tired. I forgot for a minuet what it is like to have things going on constantly in a family. My children have been grown for years now. I am glad you all were able to end your day with "smiles" that is so important. connie from Texas

Jenny said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for all your advice re:my wedding.I can't post pics cause Jon check out my blog so I will send picture as soon as we are married sorry you have to wait so long.It feels like forever to me.

Cherlyn said...

Just happened upon your blog... a fellow expat in Oki! Hope you do not mind if I link to you from my blog.

Free In Christ said...

This post most definately made me laugh. I meant to comment earlier, but life is busy. I guess it is a good thing that you can laugh about it while it all happens, sometimes that is not so easy to do. Have a better day.

Heather said...

((pam)) glad to hear you can go out of doors now!!
GB thanks for the link-I fixed it(I think). I am still drooling a bit from the pic of the steak on that post lol
Liz-outside gate 5!! can you believe it...the line is all americans and waaaay out the door lol love you!
Mrs Connie-yes, I am tired...happy though..would not give this up for the world :)
Jenny I am so glad you found a dress!!
Cherlyn-welcome! and link anytime :) maybe we will MIRL!
Melissa- I miss your posts! We need an update :)...gonna go over to your spot and bug you..