Friday, August 17, 2007

Homeschool and Prayer

We have been using the Abeka curriculum for Brianna, but this year we enrolled her in the fully accredited DVD program. I feel "safe" this way. Having 4 small children...2 of which are ages 2 and under...can throw one into survival mode in a hurry. I am very *green* as this is my 2nd year of official homeschooling. I will be adding some things here and there such as her Japanese class and a Homeschool Coop so.....yeah...I need alot of prayer :)

Please...also...I have one unspoken prayer request concerning a dear friend. PLEASE pray for her situation. This dear one is hurting over a very ill family member. *love you* I am praying.


Pam said...

You can count on my prayer for your friend.
When are you starting school this year?

Free In Christ said...

I will be in prayer for you. I will pray for strength for you while you train your little ones.
Best wishes for a great school year.


Heather thank you so much for the comments you make on my blog. I certainly enjoy visiting you.

One of my daughter in Laws used the DVD program and her three did really well. I hope it works out for you at this time.

I will be praying for your friends sick family member. That is such a hard place to be in. connie from Texas

Heather said...

Pam, thanks! We will be starting on Monday, but her DVDs won't be here until Sept 4th.

Melissa ((hug)) how are you?? Your prayers will be much appreciated :)

Mrs Connie...I am glad to hear they did well. We just want to be prepared all around-if Brianna "graduates" from this program, she will be able to attend their (PCC)graduation for homeschoolers etc. I would like for her to look forward to that. Whatever the Lord wants ultimately though.

A Note From Theresa said...

Keep up the GOOD HOME SCHOOLING work.
I will pray that your school days go well.

Also, you friend. I'll pray for her as well.

Happymama said...

Heather, our Sunday school teacher and his wife use the Abeka DVD program. They've loved it and so does their daughter.


Becky said...

I will definitely pray for your friend Heather.

Good luck with homeschooling....I know Brianna will do fine!


Heather said...

Theresa, thank you so much for your kind comment- God is so good to allow me the blessing!

Kristi-I am glad that I have received such good reviews about it. I am praying Brianna really likes it :)

Thank you Becky...yes, Brianna, I am sure will do it is more mommy and her struggle with patience;)

Cherlyn said...

Once Bobby gets old enough, I want to home school him... my husband disagrees, but I feel pretty strongly about it. I am sure you will do fine. :) Can I call you this weekend, BTW?

Heather said...

Cherlyn :) Well, I would just keep strongly as I feel about homeschooling, I would obey my husband if he said to put them in school. Please call anytime!