Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Little Naughties

This morning, 3 little naughty girls pulled out some baby blankets (2 of them made by Gi-Gi) and were pretending to be babies in Ayden's pack-n-play :)

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but it is sooo humid that as soon as I take my camera out...it starts to fog up!! Anyway, Anjolie went a little crazy with the sidewalk chalk in this. She had colored almost my entire front entryway and her legs were completely colored....and part of her face. She did not like the fact that I wanted a picture of the mess ;) I was not as amused then as I am now. She came in the house like nothing was wrong...sunglasses and all...COVERED in HOTPINK chalk...LOL.


Tori said...

They sure are cutie pies. Glad you survived the typhoon. *Ü*

Heather said...

:) Thank you!

Yellow Mama said...

Very cute. At least she picked a great color...very girlie! Isn't it funny how the events which are NOT funny at the time, become funny to retell!

HsKubes said...

What precious girls.
My lil' girls are good at writing on things with chalk, too... the new deck, their dresses, their legs, the van... :-0
But they're sweeties!

Enjoy them!

~ Christina
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abrightnewdawn said...

my girls love to do that too!!! the pack and play thing, that is. never had that experience with the chalk!! just minimal coverage.

Happymama said...

hehe, so cute!


Karen said...

That is the cutest bunch of little girls I've ever seen! They must be so much fun. I'm grateful you got through the typhoon safely!
Love you...Karen

Dawn said...

Oh my...that is so funny! The grands were here last week and had chalk everywhere. My sidewalks were covered!!!They weren't as covered as your little one. :o)
I see that you are in Japan. My DS#2b is USAF and was in Misawa for two years. He has some really nice photos of Japan.
Thanks for stopping in to my place. I hope you will come back very soon!! The coffee is always on!

Free In Christ said...

Great picture! I love it. Looks so typical of my home.

Heather said...

Miss Karen, "fun" is a great word to use :) All I have to do is change the tone of my voice to apply "fun" to any escapade my children take me on ;)