Friday, July 28, 2006

What a NIGHT!!

Sooo Ayden actually woke up for only two feedings last night, but the girls all made up for it. Anjolie was up three bad dream, one thirsty, one potty. Lily lost her "paci" and then at 3 am decided she was finished with the sleeping business...*sigh* I AM EXHAUSTED!! I am so glad that Brian graduates on TUESDAY from the Staff Acadamy ...maybe he'd like to share some of these sleep interruptions with me ;)...gonna go drudge up some coffee I guess LOL


Free In Christ said...

I will pray for you today. I hope this next night is better for you.

I felt much compassion for you when I read this post. I remember those sleepless nights, I surely don't miss them at all.

Again, you are in my thoughts today.

Happymama said...

Ahhhhhhh, motherhood! I remember those wonderful nights. Haven't had one in a while, but I do remember them. LOL

My children are 14, 11, and 6 and I can assure you that those nights will pass....and you will miss them. :)

Now, TAKE A NAP!!! :)


Karen said...

Heather...losing sleep is so draining. Molly's having the same problem...Betsy doesn't want to sleep at night either. I pray the Lord will give you both some much-needed rest. Love...Karen

Heather said...

Thank you ladies...I just feel like crying I am so tired. But Brian will be home this evening, so I will ask him if I can take a nap.

abrightnewdawn said...

I understand, Heather!! I commisserate with you, as I'm dealing with the same thing!! Between getting up with the two babies, my 2 year old is having HUGE sleeping issues. Finally, I just moved her into my room. I just couldn't function otherwise. Good thing it's a big room!!!
Praying for ya!!

Heather said...

Dawn! I can't imagine doing it with foster children! ((hugs)) to you as that is a constant adjustment. Praying for you as well!!

Free In Christ said...

I hope you were able to sleep last night. (it is only Friday night here, but isn't it Sat. morning for you?) I sure hope your weekend goes well, and you get some rest. You are in my thoughts.
Love in Christ

Molly D said...

Boy, oh boy, do I understand...and I only have ONE little person getting me up at night! Betsy was up 6 times on Saturday night...aggghhh! But last night she slept from 11-5 and then from 5-8...praise God from whom all blessings flow! Here's to one day getting a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep...oh to dream the impossible dream! ;)