Monday, July 31, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

Brianna is relishing the time with her friends this summer. In my opinion...a little too much ;) . I like for my girls to play together as much as possible and not that I don't want any outside friends, but they are slim pickin's in these here parts ;) She is only 5, and YES I believe she should be sheltered as much as is humanly possible (from the world's way) and then of course with prayer as well the Lord hedges our children about. Of course, we teach Brianna that when she is tempted, it is only her faith and belief in the Lord that will help her make obedient mommy and daddy will not always be there, but when we are present we will, with the Lord's guidance, shield her from any sinful influence we possibly can. Is she overprotected? Not over enough in my can kids be today? Will she make wrong choices, fall into temptation, make dreadful mistakes, absolutely, but with the Lord's help, and her knowledge of scripture she will see what a loving, forgiving heavenly Father she has and will run to repentance and want to obey Him all the more. We are striving to be consistent and faithful in training our kids Biblically how to love the Lord and follow Him wherever He there ANYTHING more important than this? What a task we have laid before would be impossible, even in our 110 % best efforts, to raise Godly children if we did not have the Lord's blessing in our work. Having the right motives is even a challenge that can greatly affect whether or not the Lord blesses!! How can I expect the Lord to bless an effort that is motivated by self glory? I can' motives must stay in check (and what a challenge this is). I find myself wishing they would obey just so they won't ANNOY me...uhhh that is definitely not a right motive *sigh* Sometimes I am so busy falling down that I hardly realize when I am standing up...God is so faithful and good to bless our efforts when they are in obedience to Him and I am so thankful for His chastisement and forgiveness upon my repentance when I do have wrong motives. Well, those are just my random thoughts today :)