Friday, August 18, 2006

I need a Virtual Shoulder

...for a moment :) Ok, can you tolerate a little "venting"? If not, feel free to skip this ;) I just need some virtual shoulders to cry on for a moment.

Deep breath..ok, this end of this week has been really really tough on my nerves. Our weeks are usually jam packed anyway, but 2 TRIPS TO THE ER...yep 2...for 2 separate girls...within 3 days about frazzled me to a crisp. Tuesday night Brianna was playing with her daddy and jumping over his legs as he sat on the floor...he raised his knees up as she jumped and her ankles caught on his knees and her face plunged down into the coffee table with the table catching UNDER her nose....OOOOUUUUCH!! was awful...blood everywhere, know, the perfect ending to a loooong day. Brian ran her over to the ER which is on a different base while I stayed home with the kids. She was fractures in her jaw or nose PTL..

Thursday morning, I was pretty tired after a late Wed night at church, but I was thankful that I had no real demands during the day, just visitation that night. THEN it was my turn to injure one of children *sigh*. Lily was wanting to get in the kitchen and standing at the baby gate with her arms up to be lifted...yep I picked her up (slowly even!) by those little lifted arms and heard a "pop" ...I could have just kicked myself!!! How ignorant!!!! Soooo Lily's little elbow was dislocated (very very common by the way so be careful). She is such a little trooper...she was mostly just whimpering about it and refusing to use it. I called Brian to meet me at the ER while I confessed my bad mom incident to the Dr. They were very kind and assured me it happens all the time did help me feel better. BUT, the Dr could not get Lily's elbow popped back..he ordered x-rays (ha ha that was a story in itself..I had to LAY ON HER practically to get her to lay still) clue as to what the problem was. So, he called the Orthopedic Surgeon...heh heh...forgive me, but I wanted to wring his neck...he walked in the room in his shorts and t-shirt (the ER Dr informed me that he had been on his way to lunch...*ahem*) but did not do anything..he thought she was just "pretending" it still hurt. He told me to take her home and see if she forgets about it then bring her back first thing in the morning to the fracture clinic as a walk in at 7:30 am.....GRRRR. Yeah, I am so sure my 19 mo old is "faking" that she can't move her arm.... uhhhh duh !! (sorry I'm a little addicted to the italic/bold feature lol). I asked what to do about the pain she was in...he assured me that they would give her pain medication...uhhhh TYLENOL LOL. He obviously has no clue about kids. Stupid me signed the discharge paperwork, let them put some ridiculous sling on her made out of some type of cheese cloth material...and took her and her useless painful arm home. I am so dumb sometimes. My friend told me to take her back, but my husband was afraid they would just mess with it some more and put her in more pain...blah blah blah. I called the church to ask for prayer for Lily in her pain which I know helped...God is sooo good. SO, after a restless night (it was not tooo bad PTL), I loaded the kids BACK UP to truck them over to the hospital again...Brian met me there to take Brianna and Anjolie to work with him as he could not get out of his schedule today (did I mention we had to be there at 7:30 AM? ;) not fun). We did not have to wait too long which was such a blessing because there were at least 6 other walk-ins there. But, I could not believe that the Orthopedic surgeon whom I had seen the day before stood there and basically lied to the pediatric Orthopedic surgeon...right in front of me!! See, even HE thinks I'm an idiot. He stood there and told the other Doc that she had full mobility yesterday before she left! I stood there flabbergasted, but the other Dr knew right away there was something wrong if she was refusing to use it. Hallelujah! he had a functioning brain...sorry gettin' a little carried away. He picked up her arm and said he could feel the bones slipping around! He was the one to give "Mr DR Lt. I have a lunch date man and can't help your kid" a dirty look. He then, just popped it right in, and Lily immediately started to use it like normal!! Praise the Lord! I was so happy that in that moment allll the weeks struggles faded when I saw Lily's happy little face because her little arm was fixed...she only whimpered when he popped it back in....she did not even cry. Poor little thing must have been in so much pain last night :( phew...actually I feel better now :) so, I know I know there was some attitude there...ohhh is that an understatement ...sorry ;) But thanks for reading...I do feel better!


Mishel said...

Awww Heather...what an ordeal. I am so sorry you and the girls (and Brian)had to go through ALL of that. I am thankful Brianna and Lily are ok. Praying you have a peaceful weekend. (((hugs)))


abrightnewdawn said...

Don't feel bad!! I had the same thing happen to Sonya when she was about 2 and someone else did it, but I kind of ignored her whining for a while - her being TWO and all. Well, later we took her to Taco Bell because we felt so bad that it happened. While my friend was up getting the food Sonya was still very upset and not using it, and I just twisted her arm around and pulled a little because I was checking it out, and it popped back in. I was so relieved!!! Right then and there I learned the whole picking up kids by the arms thing. ;) Glad everything turned out, with BOTH girls. Praying for a calm, relaxing weekend!!

abrightnewdawn said...

Oh, and hopefully no one reading this is a military medical provider, or married to one. I don't mean this as a 100% whole, but MAN. I have THE WORST medical care sometimes. ESPECIALLY the ER. But I just feel that the military providers aren't as well-trained or compassionate as they should be. Not ALL, but quite a few in my experience!!!
Sorry, a whole 'nother rant there!!

Heather said...

Thanks Ms Mishel..I needed that {{hug}} ;) Totally agree Dawn...what is up with some of these robot like Docs...some not all.

Free In Christ said...

I feel your pain. That sounds like an awful week. I hope it gets better, and thankfully it was nothing serious for either of them.

We've had many er visits. 3 boys, imagine that.

We've had the elbow problem also. Quit a story. Austin was about that age when it happened also. We were at church, in which my husband pastored, right before church, and Austin got under the organ, we tried to convince him to come out, of course he didn't. Rob reached into grab him, and of course he pulled against him, and it happened. We ended up cancelling church, since we were small and there was no one else to preach, and Rob didn't want me to go to the ER alone, with that story. Can you imagine, Preacher gives his son nursemaids elbow, at church. That just seemed like a problem in the making, you know how abuse is now. Well, thankfully it didn't amount to anything, and no problems. It happens all the time.

I hope you have a better week. I understand the need to vent. It helps most times. Hope you feel better.

God bless.
Love, Melissa

Ashleigh said...

Hugs, Heather... so sorry you had to go through all that! :( I'm thankful the girls are okay, though. Praise the Lord for His strength, when we are weak. You are a testimony of that!

MrsWndr said...

PTL everything turned out okay. I can't believe the Ortho Surgeon did that?! Amazing that they think we don't actually have brains...or mouths! Like we would dare to contradict anything they say. And if we did, who would believe us? There's my little rant! ;) Here's hoping your next week is a peaceful one.

Tori said...

Oh my Heather, what a nightmare. Been there done that, Dr's are sometimes so self righteous. It's a shame they don't know half as much as they think they know. I remember when my Hannah went and they said her foot was good and then we found out a week later that she still had a piece of glass in there over an inch long, duhh, I told them about 100 times.
It's good to know not all the dr. kooks live in Croatia. :0)

I'm so glad she is better now, It hurts so much to see our little ones hurting. I'm so glad thins are better for them and you!

The McCormack Family said...

Hugs hun.... I will say a prayer you and the family to have an awesome coming week.. Huggers! Alex had nurse maids elbow as a toddler. Thank goodness we don't have it anymore but he has been told no contact sports cause of it.

Karen said...

Heather...I'm sorry you had to go through so much this week...but I'm grateful that your girls are all right. I haven't been blogging much lately...a lot going on. I finally did last evening so you can see what's been going on with me too. Lots of love...Karen

Happymama said...

Poor Baby. I can feel for her. When I was about the same age and up until I was about five or six, my elbow would pop out of joint just by picking up a fork. No joke!

I'm just glad you finally found someone that actually earned their degree. :)


Deeapaulitan said...

OOOH...Heather, I remember the gut sinking feeling the first time I (their MOTHER) hurt one of the kids. I put my hand behind her little bum to keep her from putting her sockies in the water as she was coming down a step and she did a face plant into the concrete... I cried as much as she did... Oh, & Then there was the time I gave all 3 of them chicken pox. It made me feel like such a heel. I could go on... Feel free to vent any time.
God is so gracious to us!

Heather said...

:) thanks for the support!