Friday, August 25, 2006


This was a wonderful devotion... very strengthening for today! Hope everyone is well. I have browsed through some blogs, but have not had alot of time to post. We are going to be starting school on Sept 11...please pray for us! I have joined two homeschools groups- one here on base is a Christian Homeschooler's Coop. We meet every Monday from 8:15 til 1:30 and we all help teach the different grades in areas like art, PE, math etc. even Anjolie is in a class. I will be working in the nursery with 2 other ladies so I can be with my two babies. God is so good to allow me to get into this group. I was on a wait list to get in and was practically jumping up and down when I got the call that there were spaces for my children PTL!!! There is even a Japanese tutor to teach the children Japanese this year...isn't that wonderful?! Well, there is alot more, but I must go...these days are so busy- in a good way :) I want to update on my HIT (homemakers in training) too. I try to incorporate it into everything I am other words, it does not feel like training to them- they are just helping mommy. It does test my patience lol because I have to take extra time to do things but, it is worth it. Have a great day!!

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