Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Brian had duty..yes on Labor Day lol...well, it was on Sunday, but PTL someone switched with him. It stormed most of the day yesterday, which was cozy. I made myself a couple of cups of tea and did my cleaning and scrubbing...a little too half-heartedly, I must admit. I am now left with quite a bit to do, and it is Tuesday- my laundry day. I knew I should have gotten up early, but I used the excuse that Lily had me up quite a few times (she just moved into her toddler bed) and Ayden, of course, must have been extremely dehydrated. Can't they come up with some sort of "straw" you know, for us nursing moms?! Anyway, the girls had trouble going to sleep and so did I ;) It didn't help that I was short with them after the 3rd trip to the bathroom and the endless requests for a snack etc...oh, I am making excuses again ;). You would think they would need to sleep in because they did not sleep well.....noooope. At 5:30am Brianna wakes me because she said she saw her closet door shut by itself (stinkin' Monsters Inc.) 6am Lily is up and knocking on her door to get out (stinkin' toddler bed) ...then I smelled popcorn! Anjolie runs into my room where I lay (I seriously need some grammar review, folks..sorry) with Lily on one side and Ayden on the other...pleading for just a few more minutes of sleep, chocolate was smeared around her mouth (stinkin' Nutella) "Mommy! I made us popcorn for snack!!" lol...ohhhhh it's Monday relived since I did not use my time as well as I could have yesterday. OH I KNOW!!! DING DING DING!!!....It must be time for some "THANKFUL THERAPY"!! Ok, I am so thankful I have such healthy, resourceful, creative and superhumanly active children...4 of them, to be exact :), food in the cupboard, a cinderblock..I mean house that keeps me warm and safe ;), a hard-working husband who loves me, my blog friends and NAPTIME!! :) What do ya know..it did cheer me up! Have a great day...I'm gonna have a cup of COFFEE :)


Free In Christ said...

Popcorn. Chocolate. Funny! I'm tellilng you, your house and mine---very very similiar. I love how you were thankful for the very active, resourceful children. You have such a way with words. I simply love to read your posts.
I wish at times I was as positive with my children as you seem to be. I do try, and God definately helps, to remeber they are a gift from him, and He gave them to me, so He will help me raise them. Rob said recently, when he was at his whits end with the boys, "I was just reminded that God will not give us more than we can bear." I guess it would be great to remember that when we are at our whits end--trying to get that "one more wink of sleep."

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for your sense of humor.
Love in Christ~~~Melissa

Free In Christ said...

OOPS! I forgot! I love the picture with the post.

Heather said...

tee-hee, Melissa..."positive" ;) I am a very real mom...I am only working on always being positive...failing alot. But it does help to have a sense of humor about it lol.

Heather said...

Yes, if I don't get up before my kids...disaster strikes!

HannahV said...

I just love that picture,I wish I could do that to my alarm clock.