Saturday, September 02, 2006

Recent Sayings..

Anjolie's Sunday School teacher informed me that their class was talking about creation and during the lesson she asked " Where did you come from" to which Anjolie answered " Well, I, came here from home"

Brianna and Anjolie are always "chatty" at bed time after the lights are off (shocking, I know lol) well, we don't mind a little bit of it, but getting out of bed is a definite no-no. Well, the night before last was no different until Brianna called out to me from her room "Mommy, you need to get in here,... and you better bring the Paddle!!"

I got in trouble with Brian today... because, while reading him something from one of my women's devotional books in the car, I noticed that Brianna was exceptionally quiet which meant she was listening. When I finished the story, Brianna chimed in "Mommy, was that from someone's blog?" LOL Brian looked at me, jaw dropped. "Uhhh, Heather, why would a five year old know what a blog is?" :) oops!


Free In Christ said...

Too funny! The third one is great. I know, what are we teaching our children?! UGH!!
It could be worse I guess. LOL!

Ashleigh said...

ROFLOL!!! Brianna's is priceless. ;) John says Troy is going to end up with a blog by the time he's two. My friend Nicole's little girl, who's three, has a blog. ;) She wanted it. (Not that it's updated much, I don't think... ;))

Anonymous said...

LOL! man. I can't stop laughing as I write this. :~)

Heather said...

;) yeah, what can I say LOL

MrsWndr said...

zToo cute! I love the things that come out of kids mouths. Thanks for sharing. I love posts like those.