Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What THEY Think...

With all this 9/11 revisited...I realized that I really did not know a whole lot about what Muslims believe, or what they thought of us (born again Christians). I did just a tiny bit of research, but was so saddened to see the depth of their illusion. The entire article is here,...I took an excerpt which sums up what some a nut-shell. Should one ever have the blessing of sharing the Gospel with a Muslim it might be of help...I love that a "Christian Extremist" by the author's definition is one who is born again...uhhh yep, guess that makes me an extremist.

"...Similarly, these Christian Extremists do not identify other Christians as being real Christians. Only these 'born again' will be saved. And what is the experience of this being 'born again?' It is usually an emotional moment, even a trance-like state, brought about by hypnotic fiery sermons and religiously seductive music. It appeals to a certain type, and is generally a great 'turn-off' for more sober academics and down-to-earth people.
...Thus it is a simple matter for fascinating preachers, money-grubbing pastors, hypocritical dervishes and cunning traders of religion to take full advantage of the popular relish for esoteric matters, miracles, supernatural performances, inspired dreams and prophecies. It can all too easily be seen that simple pious people can be led into accepting every new fantasy. It all appeals strongly to those who want to feel they are on the 'inside' of a group, with secrets, profound knowledge and revelations......
Rotten luck for us - and for all who genuinely believe in another sort of Divine Being. Direct conflict with these types is usually a waste of time and energy, so what should we do? I think, what we do best. Carry on presenting the realities of the noble faith of Islam, trying to reconcile geniune Jews and Christians with ourselves in genuine faith in God, perhaps by downplaying our differences, as the Prophet (saw) advised. We are not here to force, or bribe, or brow-beat, like these Fundamentalists. We are here to guide, to set an example, to display the sunnah in the way we live. And then leave intelligent people to think for themselves, and make their choice " Islam Today -Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

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Marcguyver said...

Too bad the vast majority of Muslims don't agree with this guy's supposed 'Muslim Religion'. Funny how the majority of them are wishing for all of America and Israel to be obliterated.

If there is anyone out there not 'shoving religion down someone's throat' it is clearly the Christian of all denominations; not the other way around.

I actually just posted a very short, but highly informative, video clip at my site if you'd like to check it out.
I think it is a much more accurate depiction of the true Muslim.