Friday, January 19, 2007


Brian is getting ready for a trip to Virginia! He won't be gone long PTL- like a week or so. That is about all for the excitement right now. *sigh* I sure wish we could go with him. I guess flying all....6 of us would cost alot. We hope to get to Australia sometime while we are over here...that would be such an adventure. NITO :) God is so good to us. He equips us with all we need. He is my sustaining strength ! I am planning a Mother Daughter luncheon, so :) that is a bit weighty:). I am so anxious!! It is May 5th, but is already in motion in a very big way and I have lots of wonderful ladies to help me. PLEASE PRAY for me -especially those that KNOW - like Ms Jamie, Ms Niriel, Ms Jessica (from 29), Ms Terri W, Ms Kim L, Ms Steph, ladies who can relate to such a challenging thing. There is an awful lot of planning involved. I am so not organized yet with necessary paperwork and such, so please pray for wisdom in this area. I sure wish I could email some of the details of the luncheon to you, my friends, but I don't want to spoil the surprise! Thank you for understanding. :) Since my husband is going to have to deal with the brunt of my stress, he sure could use alot of people praying for him!


Happymama said...

Virginia? Wow, that's in my front yard. OK, not really. But it's closer to my front yard than yours. LOL I'm sorry you all can't go. But I'm glad to hear he won't be gone long.

The Mother Daughter luncheon sounds exciting. Do you have decorating theme?


Heather said...

lol:) We are doing a "Garden Party" theme. Yes, my husband will be in Quatico for a week and then...well, who knows. I will elaborate when I can.

MrsWndr said...

Hey Heather, Just caught up on your blog. I've found your last few posts very interesting. I'd never thought that the different translations were missing things. It's given me something to think about. Thank you. I also wanted to let you know that I will definitely pray for you in the planning of the luncheon. Remember when we went to that Mother's Day thing at your church? That was a fun time. I'm sure you will do great. I'll say a prayer for you and Brian as he comes to my side of the world (2 hours away). I don't know if you've loked on my blog lately but we've recieved orders to Hawaii for this summer. We're very excited. It seems so far away but so close. I have so much to do. I miss you lady and I'll try and be better about checking in here.
Oh, I'm reading that book you talked about a long while ago, Created to be his Help Meet. I'm really enjoying it.

Happymama said...
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Happymama said...

Hey Heather, I got your message this morning. Thanks~;)

I guess we sort of had a garden theme at one of ladies meetings. It's posted in my April archives. We had gigantic flowers. LOL


Mishel said...

; ) You are *too* cute! LOL We will be praying for ALL of you.

Love you muchly,

Liz said...

Hi Heather,
I so wish I could be there! Not that I have a daughter, but I am one! :) I know it will be great!

P.S. I love the music on your site. I usually have my speakers off so I had never noticed it before.

Love, Liz

Heather said...

Aww thanks ladies :)

Heather said...

((Ms Mishel)) lol sorry for the "confusion". ;) Thank you for your prayers and support.

Liz- I sure wish you were here! Yes, you are a mother and a daughter girl! I need to catch up on your site!

MsWnder- HINT HINT (hug)-heather

Kristi- I'm gonna check out your archives, but I think most of all, just reading your day to day posts will be the real encouragement I need :)