Saturday, January 20, 2007

KJV Helpful Links

Oops, I deleted this helpful Learn the Bible link with answers to questions concerning the KJV in a post I needed to remove. I found this site very informative on many subjects. This is part of that link too, and it answers questions such as "Is the Bible the true word of God? Is it reliable and faithful? Do we have the word of God in the English language?"

This is an NIV Bible quiz which will test your confidence in your NIV- I don't care for the tone of the closing comments. Again, I see danger ahead, and I do, in love, want to warn.

This is a table comparing the versions and showing what the NIV and other versions omit. It is just a sample of omissions. It is scary how the NIV and the NWT (New World Translation- Jehovah's Witnesses)mirror many times and omit the same verses. This comparison chart is unsettling. I don't like the tone in which the paragraph before is written, just ignore it and scroll down to the chart... it does prove a point.

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Happymama said...

I'll be checking out those links you provided. Thanks.