Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Brian Story

...just released for your enjoyment.

Yes, just a note that Brian does not mind the stories I post about him, as a matter of fact, he rather enjoys them. I always get permission first, and he reads them too. I think he likes the attention. That being said...

When we arrived back in California after our leave this past summer we had quite a bit of luggage. We had eight mostly large suitcases, and four carry-ons. I have no idea how we got everything situated to get on the plane, but I am sure you can imagine: two adults, three small children, carseats, a stroller and trying to get checked in, get our luggage x-rayed, and then parade barefoot through security. It was quite chaotic to say the least.

Anyway, when we landed back in LAX, we arranged for a shuttle to take us to our hotel since we were going to leave the next day for Okinawa. We did not, however anticipate being told we could not check in early. We had arrived around 9am and were told we could not check in until 3pm!! So, we are on the streets of LA with all this luggage...just kidding, they let us put all of our luggage in a storage closet by the check-in desk. But still, here we are with no place to go, and 3 kids who have been up since 4am ET...wandering like morons on the streets looking for someplace to eat lunch (our time). We finally got sick of walking and Brian gets up the nerve to approach a Cab driver who just happens to be sitting in the parking lot shaving....nice right?

Ok, finally, 3pm arrives and we drag ourselves back to hotel just dreaming of laying down and relaxing. It is extremely hot and we are very you can imagine. Brian used an ENTIRE hotel luggage cart to heap our stuff onto. I wish I had gotten a picture of this poor thing. The cart literally towered over Brian so that he had to hold it up with both arms and all his weight to support it so that it would not fall over. So, Brian, who is extremely tired, bright red with heat and dripping with trying to steer this beast of a thing down the sidewalk to the elevator. We all try to get on the elevator, but the alarm goes off because of all the weight, so I step off with the Brian's protest as the doors close. I mean, what else could I do? I stand and wait about two minutes, and then press the "up" button so we can meet Brian on the third floor where we are staying. The doors open, and there to my suprise is Brian standing there with that cart towering threateningly over him....he is FUMING. Apparently, the dumb thing had never gone up, so he had just been standing in there trying to get it to move that whole time. You are never going to believe who he is MAD at...yep ME!! I should have stayed on the elevator, and why in the world did I press the stupid elevator button when he is trying to get to the 3rd floor. Seriously, 2 minutes should have been PLENTY of time. He did not know that you have to use your room key to properly operate the elevator, and even then it did not always work right. So, this time I decided I would wait good and long to give him another chance to get situated. I even called my mom while I waited to let her know we had gotten in ok and everything. I push the "up" button again....there, again still standing in there holding his cart of luggage was a furious Brian...I was about to lose it this time. Can you blame me? Call it temporary insanity or something. Brian said this time he finally got the elevator to move, but it only went up to the 2nd floor, and then I must have pushed the button and down it came with him and the luggage instead of continuing on. I apologized quickly so he can't see just how funny I think this just HAD to see him and this Goliath of a cart...straining to hold it up, all red, trying to operate the elevator with one arm while still holding on to this was funny. Now, I wait again, a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time...I carefully push the button and hold my breath as the doors open. It is empty, and I sigh a breath of relief because he probably would have killed me and stuffed ME on that cart if I had interrupted him again. I discover that I have to use my card, so I do, and up we go....but the elevator stops ...on the 2nd floor. I am expecting other guests waiting to get on...the doors open and ....there stands poor Brian with his huge cart of luggage...looking very pathetic and frustrated... I did not say a word. I am however still wondering why he got off on the second floor? Poor guy was probably so excited he got the elevator to work he got off too soon? I don't don't know.... I quietly helped him get the cart back on the elevator...he did finally make it up to the room, but I was sick from laughing so hard.


Jamie said...

OH poor Brian!! OH my goodness! I am dying..i can just see it too!

mishel said...

Oh my!! Ashleigh and I just read your post...we were laughing so hard our eyes were watering!! We love the Brian stories...we can totally picture you guys!

Miss you lots!!

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