Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, our family has been through the ringer with sickness these past couple of weeks. It started with upper-respiratory infections, then sore throats, now some stomach bug. YUCK!!

None of the past couple of weeks has been I haven't posted it. Strange how intense headaches and incessant coughing can zap the fun out of you :( Poor little Lily does not sleep well because her chest is so congested, but she is in great spirits. Little Anjolie can't be anywhere for more than about 10 min without having to RUN to the potty...(she does not give me much notice). Just yesterday, I was at the checkout counter and had to apologize to the cashier because I had to get RUN her to the bathroom or we were going to need a "clean-up on aisle 3" blech!! Brianna has been hanging in there, but she too has had horrible coughing and an upset stomach and sore throat. She missed a whole week of school because of it.

Brianna has been doing very well in school, her teacher is very impressed by what a bright child she is, said she enjoys the fact that she is always happy, very respectful, and is VERY knowledgeable concerning the Bible. Praise the Lord!! I know He has a special ministry He is preparing her for. I ask her questions every now and then just to see where she is in her understanding. Her answers are...amazing for a 4 year well as her questions. She talked the other day about why Jesus had an "earthly" (her words) body and how that earthly body had to die for our sins. She talked about how our sins died with His body, but HE rose up from the dead. Last night she asked me why Judas said he was Jesus' friend if he betrayed him. She asked why God allowed sin in the world so that Adam and Eve would have a choice to sin...I explained how we have a choice etc... Some heavy thinking for such a short little life. I am so thankful for her ability to understand and learn the things of the Lord...I know it is because of the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in her life. Praise the Lord He shows me such tremendous evidence of His presence in her life. It is such a blessing to hear Brianna and Anjolie apologize to each other of their own accord (when they don't know I can hear them)for the way they had treated the other. To hear them include me in their prayers...Brianna still prays for the lady who accidently dyed my hair purple :) I pray for wisdom every day in how to feed her hunger for spiritual knowledge...that it will be appropriate and pertinent to her walk. Thank you for all of your prayers for our family as we strive to be a living sacrifice for the Lord's use.


Jamie said...

How sweet! I have been thinking of you but my week has been busy busy..I havent had time to blog much either.! Sounds like your getting better though and getting out of the house more! :)

Anonymous said...

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