Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Brian and I started on the outside of our house, trying to make it look more like a house than just a cinder block. So, we bought some flowers and put up the wood trellis to kind of hide the steel doors etc... Do you see anything wrong with my beautiful flowers?

What about NOW?!!!
Here are the culprits who paid with their squishy little lives for the damage they did!!!! I left them out there in a jar as a warning to any other little munchers who might decide to finish off my poor little plants.

They must not have heard about the fate of the mole who ate my plants in Pendleton...every day I would see my flowers one by one be sucked underground. I finally got some arsenic laced grass seed....a couple of weeks later, a mysterious bright green patch of grass appeared right next to a half sucked down flower...must have worked. Don't mess with my plants!!

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