Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Brianna celebrated Thanksgiving at school today, and they were allowed to dress up like pilgrims or Indians. Brianna, of course, wanted to be a Pilgrim so I got her costume...had to make quite a few adjustments, made her a little corn-husk doll, and sent her with a little basket full of harvest goodies for her class mates. The goodies turned out really cute. I took corn husks, and filled them with candy corn and a little piece of chocolate then tied off the ends with green embroidery thread.

A Little Pilgrim surrounded by Indians :) Her class is sooo cute.
I think I had just as much fun as Brianna. I made a little cornhusk doll for Anjolie too...they were so neat. I found instructions on the include the story behind the faceless dolls. I got the corn-husks from the Mexican food section in the commissary. You even use the cornsilk for the hair...I really enjoyed doing them!! Such a cute Thanksgiving treat for a boy or girl...there are instructions for both. I used the left over husks for the treats.

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Karen said...

Brianna is adorable...we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving in Japan! I enjoy your blog and share your desire to glorify the Lord!