Saturday, April 29, 2006

Daddy and Son...uncanny

This is Brian when he was 2 months old. and then...Ayden at 6 weeks. Ok, Ayden definitely favors Brian. It's funny because as soon as everyone saw the "prominent" nose that Ayden has they immediately said "Ohhhh Heather, he looks just like you". Ok, check out the picture. So, yes, there is hope that he will not have my nose.. Brian's nose is not at all prominent as an adult. The child looks almost nothing like me as of yet...well, maybe in his mouth a little. But I had almost white hair as a child and extremely, Ayden looks like his Daddy.


ashleigh said...

Oh wow! They do look alike! Sounds like John and Troy... the only thing that looks remotely like me is his mouth. :)

Ayden is the sweetest little thing!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ayden looks JUST like Brian. That is soo cute! Hope you are doing well. Miss you. I'll e-mail you soon.