Tuesday, April 04, 2006

M.V.P ?!

It is kind of ironic how MVP is across his stinky little bottom...Most Volatile you know what ..is what comes to MY mind. :)

Ayden had his 2 week appt today (yes, he is 3 weeks) but this little boy has gained over a pound in a week!! The Dr was concerned at a 2 week check because he had not re-gained his birth weight. Well, Ayden must have heard because he has been "chowin' down" every two hours :) We have him in bed with us for now so that I can get some rest in between nursing...which I do :) Hopefully he will move to every 3hrs soon!! Brian surprised me by showing up unexpectedly at Ayden's appt :) Sooo sweet. I had reserved child care for the girls so he was able to help me get them picked up and loaded back into the van. That was a nice warm fuzzy for my day. Today is another beautiful sunny day so we made a stop at the playground to take advantage before the rainy season hits (I thought we were already in it!). Now, the girls have been fed, and I am going to put 2 of them down for a nap and get some of Brianna's school work done *sigh* it's been a good day so far. Thank you Lord!


Jamie said...

HE IS NOT 3 weeks old already...aww Heather..just give him lots of kisses..and I am so glad you had some help! And I think your MVP abbreviation probably fits better. He sure looks sweet sleeping there! Get some rest too!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you have such a thoughtful husband. That makes all the hard work so much easier! Ayden looks so beautiful sleeping there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family.


Anonymous said...

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