Thursday, April 20, 2006

Egg Hunt

...well...they were SUPPOSED to go on an egg hunt. We waited in a huge line to pay $5 per child ages 1 year and up to go on an egg hunt. There were 5 times the expected amount of kids so the place was a literal mad-house. Parents were the worst behaved of all..I heard the most foul language from MOMS!! Anyway, we did have a good time watching the girls on the inflatable slides, and Jupiter Jumps. And..they even gave us a refund since the girls did not get to do the hunt!

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ashleigh said...

At least they look adorable with their little baskets! :) They should've come out to my parent's house on Sunday... we had Alyssa and Noah M. and my aunt's two little girls--and about 200 eggs!!! There were so many eggs that the "hiders" ended up just tossing them on the dirt out in the open! ::grin::