Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weight Loss Ticker

Ok, I did not want my ticker to look ridiculous because the weight I am losing is baby weight. I gained about 35-38 pounds this pregnancy, and have already lost 18-20 pounds (most of it was the swelling I had from BP) so I have like 17 to go...I did not think it would be fair to post that I had "lost" the weight when it was really just water. So, I am just recording the pounds I am going to have to "work" off/ "watch what I am eating" off. I am not complaining, just wanting to hold myself accountable because there is no health reason I cannot get those pounds off within the next few months (I would rather weeks...but I will be reasonable):)


Jamie said...

well months is better than years..You can do it. I am praying for you..and I know what its like to want to lose weight. I know you will do it..you never kept any from the others! :) I will pray it comes off quickly.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thank you--thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your hope-filled comment! You encourage--no--you bless me!

:) Diane

Free In Christ said...

Good luck with the weight loss.