Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Elvis Sighting?

Yes, lol that is my husband...oh 7 years ago (before kids) :) Their base was having a fun run...just for the record, we now don't celebrate halloween, but Brian had to be dressed up for the run. We could not find anything that Brian would agree to wear...his buddies were doing "Ghostbusters" lol, and when I saw this gold fringed lamay (sp?) costume... I knew I had found a winner. The sales lady and I convinced him to try it on over his clothes in the middle of the store. I saw some gaudy gold rimmed glasses and handed those to him too. I think the whole store was in agreement on this choice. I had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard. My husband kind of mumbled that it would do if I took up the pants which were almost a foot too long! The next morning I stapled them up and used eyeliner to draw sideburns and chest hair. He still was not so sure about it, and when I dropped him off at work (we only had 1 car ) everyone stopped what they were doing to "admire" lol. They even had him calling cadence Elvis style...so by the end he was having a good time. LOL...I personally think he looks quite handsome in his get-up. Not many of my friends get to see this funny side of my husband, but those of us who have experienced his quick wit and contagious laugh can't get enough of it. :) Thanks honey for letting me share this with my friends!

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Happymama said...

How funny. My son is in a gospel group and the first suit they ever wore alike was burgundy, but the tie and hankee were that same shimmery gold. LOL