Tuesday, October 10, 2006


...cable still. :( I just don't understand why it is so glitchy it is off for most of the day, and of course there is no getting a hold of the cable company!!

Anyway :) We are doing well, busy, but well. God is so good to continue His obvious work in our lives...life, though filled with trial, is truly sweet because of Him. He has provided some WONDERFUL friends here (one in paricular has been such a blessing ;) wink wink Pam ), even though I am thousands of miles away from my friends and family back home...He provides in a tremendous way.

Just a little bit of testimony to what the Lord is doing in my life lately...I discovered along my way...or should I say, the Lord REVEALED to me that I had been more in love with my walk and the things I (thought) was doing for the Lord..than with HIM. Satan is so sneaky...that is just another form of pride and dangerously stealing glory from God..not that I sought to do that, but my gaze fell short..still stopping on myself vice the Lord Himself. I thought of Peter walking on the water...except I was looking down to enjoy what I was doing more than fearing looking away from Him...of course when I sank, He lovingly revealed to me what the problem was and graciously showed me the way once again. Not that I think I am "walking on water"...but you know what I mean....I hope :)

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abrightnewdawn said...

What a sweet testimony, Heather. Thank you for that, it IS a reminder, for me!!
I HAVE been keeping up with your blog, just not commenting much at all!! Love all the pics. Brian is just hilarious, and Brianna's tooth loss is just soooo sweet!!