Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Marine

...is so thoughtful!
....look! Roses made of paper thin soap..how romantic!
The poor guy is being worked to death I think..ok -that is an exaggeration. He has, however been working 14 and 15 hour days most of the time, and he has had to work the past 4 Saturdays as well. It could be so much worse, but I miss him!! The other day he surpised me with a little spa set and a Yankee candle (smart man huh?) and told me to lock myself in the bathroom and take a bubble bath. I was just tickled...even if it was almost 9pm :)


Mishel said...

What a wonderful treat for you! What a guy! : )


Heather said...

Awww Ms Mishel, you are so sweet to "catch up" with me! Yes, I do appreciate and love my DH *twirl* thank you! Love to you and yours.

Deea said...

What a blessing! What a sweet, considerate thought and gift! I can't believe you stopped long enough to snap a photo! LOL!
My husband is in another state right now. We haven't seen him for 2 weeks and miss him very much. Just seeing those baby blues again is going to be a gift beyond measure!

Karen said...

What a great husband! They work so hard for us..it's especially precious when they pamper us too! Love you...Karen

Happymama said...

What a sweet hubby you have! Anytime I get a moment to soak, it's usually very late at night. But it's always so wonderful, especially with a little music playing. :)