Thursday, October 26, 2006

It touches my heart hear or read the testimony of a young man or lady who has surrendered themselves to Christ and His ministry. This testimony entitled "My Home" just touched my heart today. I am sure it will yours as well.
It is heartbreaking when young men and women waste their God-given talents on the wretchedness of the world...and then, when the world is tired of them, they are left empty..their riches spent and they have only life-long scars to show for their efforts. A sea of hurt fills their soul. Their eternity is at stake if they have not surrendered their lives to God. The world sure offers plenty of distractions to keep us busy busy busy, excited, loud, up-to-date, discontented, or content with worldly wealth and fame...death is not picky- and is never satisfied as long as we are here. Need something to distract you from the WORLD? Pick up the WORD...the Living (kjv I prefer for attention getting ;) )one. Turn to Romans 6:23...if THAT does not distract one from their worldly concerns, nothing will...for it is either your soul at stake or someone elses. Anyway, back to these talented young men and the Lord longs to fill these vessels with Himself- to heal the hurt and make them whole. If only they would let go of the wasteland and cling to Him...He never tires of us..we are always a Headliner with Him! It just turns my stomach to think of a life without the Lord. uuuuuhhh oops *ahem* speaking of distracted lol....Lily just pumped my handsoap out onto my do like that for needing to take my own medicine :)

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