Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cyclops and The Rumba Tights Tea Society

So, if I can only see well out of one eye (due to some contact problems) how is it that I can't be compensated by only seeing HALF the mess this morning?

Anjolie, my bright sunny early riser and self named early bird, decided to go into the forbidden kitchen...I told her yesterday that if she stepped one foot into that closet sized kitchen, that she was gettin' paddled. I don't care for ultimatums, but in my weariness of messiness I grasped in weakness for this uhhh less than effective means. Just an hour later she begged to "step a foot" (her words) into the kitchen for some water...anyway I digress. SOoooo about every morning she tries to exercise some 4 yo independence by getting herself cereal, or toast, or milk...or this morning...oatmeal. I woke to find the wholesome goodness all over my carpet...trailed down the hall and even piled into a small gnome hill in the kitchen...oh was in the couch, on the get the idea. So, my right arm, which now has a vacuum head attached to it- ok, not quite attached yet..but pretty close...about cramped up in anger over the field of oats I was going to have to clean up while the little sowers busied themselves with tearing up the rest of the house (ok, it's not that bad...just seems that way). After it was finished, I could not help but laugh at what I must have looked poor left eye squinted shut..the right eye wildly observing the hair resembled a poorly built sparrow's nest...then, the vacuum, it screamed mercilessly through the living area choking down the oats and occasionally disconnecting which only added to my morning fury...oh dear, what a start. Once I got everything in I could THINK and PRAY clearly...PTL, I had time to read the Bible and I then made them some real oatmeal and we all sat and ate together....ahhhh. If you can, in the Lord's strength, make it through the battlefield of motherhood, you can make it through anything. Now if I could just get this left contact to sit right!!

And then there are the precious and hilarious moments like this...This is what I affectionately referred to as the Rumba Tights Tea Society...the ruffles OF COURSE go in the front right? They love to wear their...and I quote "panty hoses" for tea and sometimes even baby-sock kid-gloves and bloomer bonnets-how quaint ;) Yes, they are either 100% cute or 100% rotten from one moment to the next...there is nothing like this season of motherhood.

pictures courtesy of the Rumba Tights Tea Society ;)


Robin said...

Heather, you are a hoot. The word picture you painted had me rolling in the floor.

I only make the next suggestion because I'm here and your there.
Next time let her clean up the mess. :) Yes, you'll have to re do it when she's other wise occupied, but she might think twice about not waiting for you next time. Or an even better thought: she might just enjoy it and learn to pick up after herself and her own messes ALL the time.
AHHH.. the joys of hind sight motherhood. If only mine were those ages again.
I'm glad you know how to enjoy them too. Great pictures.

Heather said...

:) Thanks Mrs Robin. Yes, that is some great advice..I will def. be recruiting the same little destruction crew to be the clean-up crew as well. Love you!!

Mishel said...

You are so funny! Ahhh, the joys of motherhood! :)

And the pictures are great--priceless!


That was so funny and your children are so sweet. I am worried about your eye. I hope it get alright if not you need to see a doctor. connie from Texas

Free In Christ said...

Heather, that was hilarious. You DO paint such beautiful word pictures. I was laughing, because you know I've been there, recently I may add. Of course not in the past 11 days though. At any rate, it is so good you can laugh through all this.

Okay, the tights were the best. My boys do, and have done similiar things. (not tights, because we don't have any of those here.LOL!)

Jordan did one time at the age of aobut 5 and size 7 put on an toddler size snowsuit, mittens, and bright red hunting style hat and walk into a Bible study we were having at our house. Yes, I did get a picture of this to remind him someday.

Yes, I think yo are right, if you can make it through motherhood, you can do just about anything.

Have a blessed day. One more day and we leave to get my natives.

Becky said...

Wow what a morning...Hope that contact got fixed. I love your new hair by the way haven't seen you to tell you and say how cute it is. Did Brian really cut it? I love your little ones. Now my little one is in nursery with Ayden and they are competing for the ladies. lol

Heather said...

((Mrs Mishel)) yes...the joys. I think Grandmotherhood will be much better...then my blog will be called Just Laugh Harder ;)
Mrs Connie...I think it is better-I am not sure. I may just need to change the contact. Thanks for stopping by!!
Melissa..I WANT to see THAT pic of him in the how funny. Drive safe when picking up your natives ;)
Becky...Oh I worry about my little Ayden boy...HE BITES ..I will just apologize ahead of time. He is getting better, but if they are competing for oh, hope he doesn't bite over that :) Your little munchkin is the sweetest!! See you! Oh...yes my DH did cut if for me-I asked him to :) Thanks for the compliment!

liz said...

I can laugh about this now, but soon it will be my turn. As I was getting dressed this morning, my little rotten one decided to pull out every single item in my unmentionables drawer. :) I guess the natural progression of things will only lead to messes that are harder to clean.

These kids better be glad we love them! LOL

Pam said...

Heather, I haven't heard from you in a while. Did you get my messages? Please e-mail me!! Miss you! --Pam

Tarrah said...

I love the fact that after all that you can turn and laugh at how funny you must have looked :)

I've been there too and we just need to try and embrase these memories (somehow) :)

Have a beautiful Weekend!