Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just A Neighborly Visit?

My shameful neighbors, Bitterness and Anger, paid me an unwelcome visit today. They never let me know ahead of time...they arrive right on cue whenever they know Disappointment has been to visit. I thought they had gone for good. It turns out that they were only on vacation. I must admit, they probably have been back from vacation for some time. They learned that their friend Unforgiveness had been in the area, so they decided to have a reunion of sorts for old-times sake. As I attempted to push Disappointment out of my house-Bitterness and Anger got their feet in the door. The dangerous thing about these two is that they are never empty handed...they always bring along their tricks and tools for me to try -which end up turning into mean words that hurt those I love. Instead of asking my Father to help me get them out, I struggled in my own strength and threw up my hands and let them in. As they got comfy and I scowled at their presence, self-pity let herself in and cunningly convinced me that bitterness and anger had every right to be there...they had much to remind me of! How would I keep the record straight if they weren't there to help? Just as they were about to show me their newest tricks, my Father got my attention and I tearfully spoke with Him in the other room. I apologized for letting such company in our home- He showed me how my entertainment of Unforgiveness had kept them in the neighborhood. I asked Him to forgive me and to help me. He forgave me and urged me to read THIS I was tempted to continue my visit with Self-pity, but my Father rebuked me for putting her before Him. He made it clear to me that she is not welcome in the home and is just as dangerous as her friends- I was not to be deceived by her tearful and pathetic looking demeanor- she was like poison. By the time I finished reading and speaking a bit more with my Father, Self-pity, Bitterness and Anger let themselves out when they saw my Father and His friends Grace, Mercy and Charity were setting themselves up for a long chat. I am so thankful for my Father, He is such a wise and loving Teacher.

Disappointment will continue to be a neighbor as long as I live here on this earth, but my Father is giving Bitterness and Anger an eviction notice and Contentment and Humility will reside in their place. As far as Self-pity...well she was sent packing as well, but I know better than to think I can keep her out by myself-she is a sneaky one. My Father's Word will help me to focus on Him instead of allowing a visit from her.

The next time my neighbor, Disappointment, darkens my door, Contentment and Humility will surely arrive with him so that I can better receive Disappointment. Because my Father lives here, Grace, Mercy and Charity live here as well...I just need to call on them! Well, I need to go help my new neighbors get settled and welcome them to the neighborhood...permanently.
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liz said...

Heather, this is so well written! You should use it in a ladies' meeting devotion or something.

Have you ever heard of Lester Roloff? This reminded me of one of his sermons-Dr. Grace and Dr. Law.
Very good!

Praying for you, sweet friend.

Heather said... are just so sweet :) I have not heard Lester Roloff, but I love allegorical stories. Hinds'Feet On High Places is one of my favorite books-it is an allegory about Much Afraid and her journey to the High Places. Thank you for your prayers dear one.((hug))heather

Mishel said...

I love how you wrote this--and it made me think of your favorite book (I remember you speaking of it at Monique's birthday tea).

Love you much! : )

Heather said...

Awww thanks Mrs Mishel :) Vicki is planning a similar party for Janis this August! Love you!!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Beautiful! I, too, like to *read* Hinds Feet and the Pilgrim's Progress--but to write something in the allegorical style is quite another thing, indeed.

Thanks for posting and sharing this.