Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Purple Mosquito Shield

Anjolie has a purple cast that she has decided to make friends with ;) She hated it for whole first day and yes, GB she is very itchy with it. We equipped her with some smooth coated chopsticks to scratch. She did a great job while they put it on and only cried a little when it hurt under the manipulation of the new cast. However, once the cast was complete and she saw that it contained her whole arm...she began to fret. Her fiery little temper flared, and some residual stress surfaced from the Friday night drama. The Lord was using this to teach us patience and perseverence to deal with things we can't change. She is such a little trooper..after a few tantrums Monday and me explaining that the Lord was "knitting" her little bones together under the protection of her cast, I have not heard one complaint about getting that "stinkin' purple thing off her arm".
The Lord is helping her to see *little* blessings about her cast since she doesn't quite grasp the big blessing of it protecting her healing bones ;) Yesterday, we went to a park that had mega mosquitoes and she was *thrilled* to see that the mosquitoes could not bite her through the cast! Nevermind that they were attacking her good arm with fury, she was just *delighted* to see them unable to penetrate her purple cast. How does the song go? Little is much when God is in it and I am so thankful that He IS in even the little things. I won't go into how we could not get our van started after our little trip to the park so Brian could get to work on, but it all worked out fine in the end..hey, at least it wasn't just the kids and I stranded out in town right? ;) Yet another "just gotta laugh" moment. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for ;)
Poor little Ayden has some mega welts...I should have coated them first with bug spray. Thank you for your prayers and regards for Anjolie. You all are such a blessing to me.


Free In Christ said...

Bless her little heart. She adorable. Your girls are getting so big. You are in my prayers

liz said...

I'm glad to hear she's found something to enjoy about her cast. I've never had to have one, but I'm sure it isn't any fun.

Becky said...

Hey good to hear things are getting better. Missed you at church last night. Hope all is going good. You are such an inspirtation to me I don't know that I could have kept my mind all together through it all with all 4 children. I hope to be a great mother just like you someday. I look up to you and love knowing you and am so blessed by your family. I will be so sad to leave. We never did find out if we are really related but I'm sure there is a connection somehow.

Love ya and Many Blessings to all!

Happymama said...

Anjolie, I LOVE your purple cast!! You picked a great color, it's so cooool!

~Mrs. Kristi

Heather said...

Hey Becky! :)..yes, Brian is working nights, and we are having van problems...he came home from work tonight to jump the car so I could go to visitation (prayer tonight). You are such a blessing.
Kristi...I will read your comment to Anjolie...thank you so much :)

Jenny said...

Did you cut you hair in the picture that you commented on my post shows your hair short?

Do you have a mailing address for me to mail you something next year?

Of course I know you cant come but know you might like an invitatation.

Heather said...

Jenny, yes :) I cut my hair...Brian did it for me actually. My mailing address is PSC 556 Box 325 APO AP 96386 ...I would love an invite! ((hug))-heather