Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Blessing of Okinawa

When I was in 29 Palms, I am embarrassed to say that other than when on visitation I almost never handed out tracts. I always had the "intention" of doing it, but just never did...and definitely was almost never prepared with one on hand in case the Lord placed an opportunity in my lap...sad sad sad. Anyway...the church here offers visitation and soul winning almost every week, and I have really tried to take advantage of it. The great thing is, it has kept soul winning at the forefront of my mind and now I feel bad if a couple of days goes by that I have not handed out a tract (getting better). AND the Okinawans are so polite and easy to give material to...what a blessing. The ministry here has def. increased my boldness for getting the gospel out and it is SUCH a great experience!!

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