Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Brianna turned 5 years old today! I can't believe it!! She is such a blessing. This is Brianna and her daddy before he took her out on their "date". He took Anjolie the night before.


Karen said...

What a wonderful Daddy! He's building relationships that will mean so much as the girls grow up!
God bless your family!

Love in HIm...


Free In Christ said...

What a great picture. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband and daddy to his little girls. I really think it is great, girls need a good relationship with their fathers. I see so many young ladies a mess, and I know that they are just searching for what they never had in a father. (okay, off my soap box--well, before I get too carried away) Have a great day.

Happy birthday Breanna!


Happymama said...

Hi Heather. I can't remember where I found your blog. It was on someone's blog that I visit regularly. I liked the picture of your daughter with her daddy. I remember when my daddy and I would go on a date. Those are very special times that little girls remember forever. And so very important to the mentality of a little girl who will become a young lady one day and have decisions to make cocerning a mate. You know? Anyway, that was very sweet.

Jenny said...

-Happy Birthday Brianna!

I remember when you were 3 months you have turned into a great kid.

Miss Jenny