Saturday, May 06, 2006

Just Some Random Anjolie Stuff

-I was explaining to Anjolie how God planned everything about include her hair to which she replied "Yeah, and God only planned a little bit of hair for Daddy" I laughed, but Anjolie did not even crack a smile she just said "Mmmmhmmm that's true" :)

-I jokingly told Brianna that if she did not start obeying that I was gonna set her tail on fire...the room got silent in thought (I thought they were going to laugh), as I had never used this expression before. As I left their room, Anjolie peeks around the corner and said "Mommy, Brianna doesn't have a tail"...I laughed and said "Her BOTTOM Anjolie" to which Anjolie quickly reported to Brianna "your tail is your bottom NaNa".

-Anjolie went in the bathroom and stepped on the scale like she just does that every day or something and very matter of factly said "time to weigh my feet" LOL

-Anjolie asked me if I would tie some bows on her stuffed doggy's little ears- I only had one bow so I suggested putting it on his tail...Anjolie frowned and said "No, 'cause he'll toot on it"


Free In Christ said...

Kids are great. I love hearing the things children say. Have a blessed weekend.

Karen said...

Your kids are so cute...thanks for sharing the chuckles!


abrightnewdawn said...

Sooo cute.
Still praying. I've dealt with the system myself. It stinks. But like you said, the Lord's pace.

MrsWndr said...

Great stories. They made me smile. You've got quite a character in Anjolie.

Anonymous said...

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