Thursday, May 11, 2006


But THIS one is harder...10 things I like about myself...hmmm (all by God's Grace of course)
1. that I am SAVED!
2. Being blessed with an ability to sing
3. I have perseverence
4. I am very loyal
5. I truly desire to be a Godly wife and mother
6. That my skin tans golden
7. I am compassionate
8. My 100% faith in prayer
9. I love helping others
10. I allow God to work in my life

again..any good at all that the Lord allows me to see, is by His grace alone.

Ok, I tag:


Jamie said...

Ok I tried! As hard as I could but couldnt get past big nose LOLOLOL

Heather said...

Yeah, you are just jealous because mine is bigger than there. I did not list it because I thought it would just be waaaay to prideful..being so well endowed and all ;)

Jamie said...

I was SOOOOOOO not saying YOU..I was saying me. I love your nose you know. LOL.

abrightnewdawn said...

oh my goodness. i saw jamie's tag board thing, and the curiosity was killng me, so i came to check it out. toooooo funny. i'm laughing out loud and my family is looking at me funny. not that that's new or anything, but MAN i was laughing. it almost makes me WISH for a big nose. HAHAHAAHAHA.
(Although, I must say, I don't notice these types of things, and certainly not on you two!!)