Monday, May 22, 2006

Needle Biopsy

When the Dr I saw today said they don't use any anesthetic for the needle biopsy because it can distort the lump, I was a little hesitant...but let me tell you, other than the initial pinch and them using the needle to cut pieces is not NEAR as bad as it sounds. When they explained the procedure and had me fill out all this paperwork I was like "ok guys, did I sign up for the wrong's a needle biopsy not an amputation" I was really starting to get nervous thinking it was going to be alot more painful than what I had originally had in mind. It was a cinch....the idea of it is much worse and I felt woozy just from the gross feeling of it. They did 3 or 4 sticks I can't remember because I just felt kinda sick.
Well, they actually found another lump that appears to be somehow connected to the initial one, and this lump is a lower than the one just under my the Doc biopsied that one too. They are back to not knowing what it is...since it did not contain a ton of white blood cells...the pathologist who did the biopsy said she would call me herself by the end of the week (wasn't that so nice!) to let me know what she thinks. The surgeon said it will probably turn out that it should just be removed completely and he said by analyzing the material, it will point to what part of my body is draining into it. Now these Drs seem to know what they are doing and what they are talking about...I guess surgeons and pathologists would have to huh :) At least I feel the Lord has placed me in good hands.


Karen said...

I'm still praying for a good result! I'm so glad nothing is a surprise to God! Love...Karen

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that I don't understand a lot of the medical terms you used, but I am SO grateful that you feel like you found Dr.s that know what they are doing. Keep me posted on the outcome.

Free In Christ said...

YUCK!!! I don't like it when they explain things, and I get scared or grossed out, then it turns out not too be so bad. You get yourself all worked up for nothing. Well, I'm glad it went well (at least not painful) today. You will remain in my prayers. Love and many prayers, Melsisa