Wednesday, June 07, 2006

About the Picnic

Brian teaches the young couple's Sunday school class, and we decided to have a picnic to get to know everyone since most of us have only been on the island for less than a year due to recent rotations. Anyway, we reserved a pavilion with a BBQ, a jumper for the kids etc. It rained all last week, and even when we started setting up the picnic it started to rain again! We prayed and prayed that we would have the Lord's blessing on this function, and when it started to rain and Brian could not get the coals going (no one was there yet) we started to think maybe the Lord's will was to postpone the picnic ;) So, we prayed that the rain just move "around" you know that is exactly what it did!! The wind changed direction and the rain clouds moved around us!! The sun even came out for the entire picnic as you can see in the pictures!! It was just beautiful, and as we packed to started raining again :) God is so good!
(Brian took this picture the weekend before is the east China Sea)


Mrs.B. said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment, you had some good ideas!

I'm glad your picnic turned out so well and the picture of the sea is gorgeous!


Mrs.B. said...

Oh and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and your husband for the sacrifices you all make for me and America!

My dad fought during Vietnam and while home on leave a lady spit on him and called him a 'baby killer'. I never forgot his telling me that. Of course I'm so proud of him because he earned a Distinguished Flying Cross during Vietnam.

I just LOVE our military! (o:

Karen said...

Heather...isn't it wonderful when the Lord surprises us with those special little sunshine on our picnics! I'm so glad you had a great time. The photo of the sea is beautiful!
Lots of love...Karen

Heather said...

mrs.b.-thank you so much for visiting!! And thank you for sharing about what happened to your awful :(. We so appreciate the love and support.
In Him,

Karen! hope you are doing well! Love you!! Heather

Happymama said...

Hi there. Love the picture of the East China Sea. It is so tranquil looking! The video of your little gril was precious. What a cutie pie! And the pics of the picnic looked like you had a good time. I'm glad everything went good for you that day.

Elorra said...

Heather, Hi friend. Oh, blessed is the Lord. He was so good to you for the picnic. How fun!! Thank you for sharing that story. You are an amazing Momma. That's what I want to say.